How To Import Spices From Turkey 2024

How To Import Spices From Turkey 2024

Turkish markets are full of fresh spices, which are one of the secrets of Turkish cuisine, and receive a great demand from importers from all over the world.

Is Turkey An Ideal Option For Importing Spices?

Turkey is one of the most important commercial centres in the world, unique for importing spices, thanks to a range of reasons:

  • Turkey’s unique strategic location on the world trade route
  • Turkey is close to Arab countries, with land routes and common borders with some of them
  • A bridge between the European and Asian continents
  • It has a large number of factories that have created a great diversity in spice products
  • Labour has helped to produce large quantities of spices
  • Turkey has cheap prices due to an abundance of raw materials and low production costs
  • Turkey has many ports and airports that help facilitate the shipment of spice products around the world

Import Spices From Turkey

What Are The Best Turkish Spices For Import?

Turkish spices are attractive with vivid colours and scents, including:

  1. Nigella: It has many great benefits that the Holy Prophet described it as a cure for every disease except poison, one of the most famous types of Turkish spices, with high nutritional value and calories. It has a strong taste and dark colour, used in many foods, especially in pastries.
  2. Dried or Fresh Mint Leaves: One of the essential ingredients that adds a distinctive flavour to many foods, used in many types of salads. It is an essential element in decorating delicious dishes and preparing some traditional Turkish drinks.
  3. Cinnamon: It is used in many recipes for Turkish sweets and cakes, it tastes delicious.

Other types of Turkish spices include:

  • Oregano
  • Dried chilli peppers
  • Sumac
  • Tabasco Pepper
  • Rosemary
  • Cumin
  • Cardamom
  • Thyme
  • Curry
  • Vanilla
  • Turmeric

Turkish Spices For Sale

What Are the Average Prices of Spices in Turkey (Wholesale)?

Turkish spices are one of the most popular foods imported from Turkey all over the world, an essential and indispensable substance, mainly relied upon by housewives in kitchens, adding the distinctive flavour of all kinds of cuisines.

Many wholesalers trade and order large quantities of spices for import, noting the average price of spices in Turkey varies by product type and local market fluctuations.

Spice Prices in Turkey

Ways to Import Spices from Turkey

Importing spices from Turkey is generally easy:

  • Choose the right agent or company to choose products
  • Good choice of a shipping company
  • Payments can be done by hand, with an intermediary, or bank transfer

However, the import of spices from Turkey goes into a careful shipping process, for the product to be delivered in the best way, and that is what Tebadul International Trade does, along with other facilities and services.

Spices Trade

Conditions for Importing Spices from Turkey

To import spices from Turkey, importers must comply with some of the procedures and provide the following export papers:

  • The certificate of origin, approved by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, shows the origin of goods subject to export.
  • A health certificate indicating whether the product complies with health conditions or not.
  • A food certificate, issued by the competent authorities
  • A trade invoice certified by the trade authority in Turkey.
  • A shipping policy shows the delivery of goods to shipping companies.
  • Following the international standards of the Plant Health Measures Authority (CPM) that allow states to set requirements for imported goods.
  • Shipments of spices conform to the food provisions of importing countries.

Importing Spices from Turkey

Tebadul Services for Import of Spices from Turkey

We have competitive prices and high credibility in dealing with valued customers, offering integrated services in shipping processes. Among the services provided by Tebadul in the import of spices from Turkey are:

  • Multiple options for safe and fast shipping
  • Offering the best products with the highest possible quality at the customer's request
  • Providing customs clearance service when exporting
  • Speed of completion and delivery within an accurate schedule
  • Safe delivery of products as required


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