Solar Power in Turkey: Advantages and Import Conditions

Solar Power in Turkey: Advantages and Import Conditions

The transition to clean energy has become a necessity rather than an option in the current era, and major countries are moving towards alternative energy after the climate changes taking place around the world.

Is Solar Energy in Turkey Popular?

Day by day, the number of users of solar energy is increasing, the number of people relying on solar panels is increasing, and it has become the first choice for countries as an alternative source of energy.

Turkey has a high position in generating power from solar panels on the European continent. If we compare it with the rest of the European countries such as Spain, the rate of solar radiation and the number of hours of sun's surfaces would be in favour of Turkey.

Does Turkey Manufacture Solar Panels and Supplies?

Turkey has stated that it seeks to generate at least about 3 GW by 2023, so Turkey is seeking to manufacture more solar panels to meet its need and the need of importers in the local and European markets.

Import of Solar Panels from Turkey

What Stand out for Solar Panels in Turkey?

Like other Turkish industries, solar panels feature quality, performance and technical progress over many other countries.

Solar panels can be installed everywhere, frequently installed on the sea. It is the first homemade product, featuring the structure of the floating platform, made by skilled local engineers.

They used buoys of fibre instead of plastic, and a one-piece platform was established and was derived from building ships that have developed rapidly during the last two decades.

Independent fibre buoys have been attached to steel-reinforced construction, producing a structure that is stronger on the sea, and resistant to waves and wind.

As they are thicker than plastic, they are less likely to be exposed to damage or puncture of floating materials.

Solar Panels Wholesale Prices in Turkey

The rise in the prices of solids and fibres in the world has had an impact on various industries, including the manufacture and production of solar panels.

Although the quality of the materials was reflected in the quality of the product and increased the proportion of exports, manufacturing and production costs generally increased in the domestic market.

The increased demand for solar panels in many industrial fields has also led to a rise in their prices in the domestic and global markets. So, there is no fixed price for power panels, but there are quotations that always satisfy importers.

Solar Panel Companies and Factories in Turkey

Many companies produce solar panels in Turkey, founded by international experts such as Japan, Germany and China, the most important of which are:

Panasonic Japanese Technology Company

Panasonic and Severoglu have founded the largest rooftop solar power plant in Kayseri, central Turkey. The first phase of the plant, run by Istanbul's first renewable energy engineering cooperative, has been opened.

Sonar Enerji Company

It is one of the largest German solar companies located in Turkey, and it has needed a few years of technical studies to come up with satisfactory results in terms of performance, quality and the ability to work in converting solar energy into electrical power.

Sunargi Factory

It is one of the largest factories in Turkey for the production of panels and cells that generate solar energy, located in Istanbul, and produces panels of different sizes according to customers' requests. It features quality and mastery in production.

Conditions and Ways to Import Solar Panels from Turkey

Export operations from Turkey are easy and uncomplicated, and in general, the import process from Turkey can be summarized in the following points:

  • Choose the right manufacturer of the desired product.
  • Good choice of the shipping company.
  • Payment of amounts by hand, through an intermediary, or bank transfer.

The process of importing solar panels from Turkey needs careful handling while the shipping process, to reach you in the best way, and to avoid damage, to which Tebadul pays special attention.

Energy panels can be imported from Turkey in several ways, as follows:

  • You can travel to Turkey and ascertain the goods on the ground.
  • You can give power of attorney to a commercial intermediary to secure the desired product in exchange for an agreed amount of money.
  • Online Order: Although it is an easy way, it is risky. You can choose the right furniture products, and then order and ship them from Turkey, but you should be aware of some fake companies' websites on the Internet.

Solar Panel Factories in Turkey

Tebadul Services to Import Solar Panels from Turkey

Tebadul Trading Company saves customers' effort and time, offering a wide range of services, including packaging, customs clearance, shipping and securing solar panels and batteries, maintenance contracts, and after-sales service, providing the customer with information about the best manufacturers in this field,

Tebadul guarantees its customers access to solar energy products of the best quality and quotes, making every effort to follow up on purchase orders for these projects until they are appropriately received.

For more information or inquiries, contact the advisor of Tebadul International Trading Company.


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