Sanitary Ware in Turkey: Advantages and Conditions of Import

Sanitary Ware in Turkey: Advantages and Conditions of Import

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About the Sanitary Ware Market in Turkey

Many Turkish brands specialising in the production of sanitary ware have emerged in the regional and international market, and are famous for their high quality, modern and high-end designs.

Turkish sanitary ware products also competed with famous Italian and European brands in design, quality and cost, as Turkish sanitary ware has seen high demand in the global market.

Sanitary ware formed an important part of the volume of Turkish global exports and contributed to raising the value of the GDP of the Turkish economy.

Turkish sanitary ware manufacturers have relied on natural local raw materials, from local marble and ceramics, as well as recycled plastics, making Turkish sanitary ware products less expensive to produce and more competitive in the global market.

The Most Important Sanitary Ware Products in Turkey

Turkish factories produce all kinds of well-known plumbing materials and sanitary ware, from pipes and hoses to taps, bathrooms, bathtubs, Jacuzzis, shower spaces, toilets, and sinks.

The sanitary ware industry in Turkey features an integrated design of public baths or home bathrooms, as certain departments in Turkish companies producing sanitary materials are specialized in innovating modern decorations and finding ideal and distinctive solutions.

The sanitary ware industry in Turkey includes marble, ceramics, granite, waterproofing and moisture-resistant materials, as well as glass, plastic and stainless steel.

Import Sanitary Ware from Turkey

Are Turkish Sanitary Ware Products of High Quality and Competitive?

The sanitary ware industry in Turkey conforms with European quality standards, as the European Union countries are one of the most important importers of Turkish plumbing and sanitary ware products.

Turkish sanitary ware products are of high quality and globally competitive, and the annual statistics of the volume of exports in this sector indicate the extent to which international importers accept and are satisfied with Turkish products of sanitary ware.

About Sanitary Ware Prices in Turkey (Wholesale)

In general, sanitary ware prices in Turkey are classified as medium to low prices compared to sanitary ware prices in other countries such as European countries, East Asian countries and the Middle East region.

Turkish sanitary ware products feature low prices in the global market due to the low cost of production, which is caused by the low wages of workers and the availability of cheap raw materials.

Sanitary ware products in Turkey are of high quality, whether well-known brands or not, and the sanitary ware sector in Turkey is famous for its diverse prices: high, medium and low.

Sanitary Ware Factories & Companies in Turkey

The most important Turkish factories and companies that produce sanitary ware are:


Located in Istanbul, the company is one of the oldest Turkish companies that has been engaged for 25 years in the production of sanitary ware, plumbing and ceramics products in Turkey, and distributes its products to more than 100 countries around the world.

  • Piramit Seramik

Founded in 1996 in Kayseri, the factory produces ceramics, toilets and sinks, as well as all kinds of bathroom accessories.

  • Foma

One of the factories that have been operating since 1975 in Turkey, and is characterized by the production of the best types of water taps with attractive and modern designs, and it also produces a lot of different sanitary ware to meet the needs and desires of the local and global market.

Sanitary Ware Factories in Turkey

Conditions and Steps to Import Sanitary Ware from Turkey

Due to the large size of the Turkish market specialising in the manufacture and production of sanitary ware, competition and the supply and demand for products locally and internationally, Tebadul experts recommend importers find a reliable and experienced trade broker in the Turkish market.

This is to save time and effort and obtain a profitable trade deal for products of high quality and reasonable prices.

Importing sanitary ware from Turkey does not require complicated procedures. The Turkish government encourages the export of Turkish products to various countries.

Import procedures are routine, including customs clearance, conformity of specifications and others.

Tebadul Services Regarding the Import of Sanitary Ware from Turkey

Tebadul International Trade in Turkey provides its integrated services to all importers, including those wishing to import sanitary ware, plumbing supplies and others.

Tebadul's services include offering the source of production, companies and factories producing sanitary ware, and placing the most appropriate options.

In addition, it sponsors commercial legal contracts, and the operations of deputizing the importer in following up the receipt of goods, conformity with specifications, packaging, customs clearance and shipping.


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