A Guide to Importing Perfumes from Turkiye

A Guide to Importing Perfumes from Turkiye

Just as Turkey is famous for its celebration of tulips and its charming gardens, the scents emanating from these flowers contribute to the perfume industry and the prosperity of its trade. In this field as well as in other products, the Turkish industry pays attention to high quality and provides products with a fragrant and refreshing scent for the soul. In this article, we will provide a detailed guide for anyone who wants to import perfume products from Türkiye.

An Overview Of Perfumes Exports And Industry In Turkiye

The Turkish Fragrances market is expected to grow significantly by 2024, with revenues of €1.21 billion. This industry is expected to grow at a 4.08% annual pace between 2024 and 2028. While the United States leads the world in scent income, with an estimated €8,102 million in 2024, Turkey's per capita revenue is forecast to be €14.00. Notably, Non-Luxury fragrance sales will represent a substantial chunk of the industry, accounting for nearly 91%. Furthermore, traditional native smells such as rose, jasmine, and oud are becoming increasingly popular in Turkey, fueling market growth.

Benefits of Importing Perfumes from Turkiye

Turkiye is a pioneer in the art of perfumery and boasts a rich history that is showcased in traditional perfume laboratories. Turkish perfumers are famous for their use of natural ingredients such as rose, jasmine, and bergamot. This dedication to natural elements, combined with modern technologies, results in luxurious and sophisticated fragrances that respect the global trend towards organic and eco-friendly products.

Importing directly from Turkish manufacturers offers a significant cost advantage, especially for large orders. By cutting out the middlemen, you can obtain these high-quality perfumes at competitive prices. This economic advantage, combined with the exceptional qualities of Turkish perfumes, makes them a valuable addition to any import portfolio. 

The growing popularity of Turkish perfume brands around the world highlights their potential for expansion and profitability. The allure of Turkish perfumes represents a captivating opportunity for those looking to enter this exciting market and start making money by importing perfumes and selling them in local markets.

Perfumes Turkish Brands

Turkey is home to several esteemed perfume brands that have gained recognition for their quality and unique fragrances. many producers can provide the best products for your business but we will mention some of the best Turkish perfume brands:

  • Nishane Istanbul: It is known for luxury perfumes and offers a selection of aromas that mix traditional characteristics with a modern touch.
  • Atelier Rebul: one of the best brands that mix Parisian elegance with its Turkish heritage, creating refined scents that are appreciated both locally and abroad.
  • Eyüp Sabri Tuncer: This renowned brand is known for its vast range of colognes and fragrances that appeal to all preferences.
  • Milli Reisin: It is a classic Turkish cologne brand, launched in 1863. Their colognes are distinguished by their pleasant citrus fragrances and use of lavender and bergamot.

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The Types Of Turkish Perfumes Available For Export

Turkish fragrances are an attractive combination of heritage and creativity, capturing international markets with their character. Here's a look at the many sorts of Turkish fragrances available for export:

Traditional Turkish Scents

Traditional Turkish smells include rose, jasmine, and oud, which are recognized as signature fragrances. Rose fragrances, known for their rich floral, are an integral component of this fragrant history. Jasmine is also a popular choice among Turkish scents. Oud, with an exotic smell created from agarwood trees' resinous heartwood, is highly valued in the country.

Natural and Organic Perfumes

Perfumes made from a blend of natural herbs and plants have a fresh, earthy aroma that captures the essence of nature's beauty. These elements are complemented by scents infused with elements such as bergamot and lemon, which provide a light, lively and invigorating scent.

Modern Blends

The modern scent combines floral ingredients with a deep depth of woody undertones. Complementing this is the spicy and oriental smells, which are infused with a variety of spices and exotic ingredients, creating a warm and captivating fragrance.

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How To Import Perfumes From Turkiye

The import process from Türkiye is easy and direct, thanks to the government’s efforts to facilitate transactions and procedures. When you want to import perfumes from Turkey, you first search for a good supplier who can provide high-quality products within a specific time frame. Second, the importer must begin negotiations with potential suppliers to determine prices, terms of the agreement and purchase orders.

After agreeing with the supplier, the business owner prepares for the shipping and transportation process, because suppliers sometimes do not provide logistical services, but this is not a problem as many shipping companies in Turkey can transport the goods to the destination that the customer wants on time. Finally, the importer must take care to prepare all the necessary papers and documents for customs clearance.

Documentation For Importing Perfumes From Turkiye

Importing Perfumes from Türkiye requires attention to documentation and compliance with regulations. Below is a detailed guide on the necessary documents required to facilitate the process:

  • Commercial invoices comprise the seller's and buyer's details, a detailed description of the products, unit pricing, total price, payment terms, and Incoterms.
  • Packing List: A list of every product in the shipment, including comprehensive data such as amount, weight, dimensions, and package type.
  • The bill of lading (B/L) is a shipping document produced by the carrier that includes the shipment, destination, and receiver.
  • Certificate of Origin: A document issued by the authorized Turkish authorities certifying that the nuts originated in Turkey.
  • Customs Declaration Form: This form contains detailed information about the cargo, such as the value, weight, and classification of products.

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