A Comprehensive Guide on Importing Medical Supplies from Turkey

A Comprehensive Guide on Importing Medical Supplies from Turkey
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About Medical Supplies Products in Turkey

By medical supplies we mean medical devices, medical treatment equipment and accessories, which are usually needed by medical and health institutions and suitable for individual health use. It is a unique and diverse industry of specializations.

In general, Turkey has been able to make great and advanced strides in the health sector, starting with the manufacture of devices and equipment, and not ending with medicines.

The pharmaceutical sector alone employs approximately 31,000 people, and more than double the number in the medical supplies industry.

Advantages of Importing Medical Supplies from Turkey

The most important advantages of importing medical supplies from Turkey are:

  • Diversification of medical supplies and treatment equipment, to include the widest range of the most used and imported products.
  • Competition with the foreign product in terms of quality, and with standard specifications, some of which have been able to win several international awards and licenses.
  • Acceptable price compared to the corresponding products.

import of medical supplies from Turkey

Best Medical Supplies to Import from Turkey

In addition to therapeutic supplies, nutrients, beauty products, cosmetics and others, the list of medical products and supplies can extend to include dozens, and even hundreds of products of various medical supplies, including but not limited to:

  1. Masks, bandages, gloves, and other medical consumables
  2. Hospital equipment
  3. Laboratory and research laboratory equipment
  4. Dental Clinic Supplies
  5. Dental laboratory materials and equipment
  6. Medical treatment devices
  7. Surgical instruments and sutures
  8. Disinfectants and sterilizers of all kinds
  9. Operating room equipment of all kinds
  10. Medical furniture and patient care equipment
  11. Uniform clothing for medical staff and various facilities
  12. Diagnostic devices of various kinds
  13. Versatile sterilizers
  14. Oxygen generators
  15. Hospital Kitchenware

About Medical Supplies Prices in Turkey (Wholesale)

Within a flood of by-products, and hundreds of varieties with many branches, Tebadul caters to the needs of its customers looking for the best deals for their trade in the medical supplies and auxiliary equipment sector, or even equipping health facilities and hospitals.

To find out the price details of any product you are interested in, simply contact the team of Tebadul International Trading Company.

Best Medical Supplies Factories & Companies in Turkey

  • SOL-MILLENNIUM for the manufacture and distribution of high-quality medical devices, personal protective equipment for patients and doctors, as well as products for drug administration, blood collection, diabetes care and prevention of infectious diseases such as needles and syringes.
  • Intermed Company specialized in the manufacture of electric respirators.
  • Baymed for the manufacture of sterile curtains and medical fabrics.
  • PHARMATURCA PHARMACEUTICAL WAREHOUSE EXPORTER LTD for the manufacture of injections, drugs and other therapeutic items.
  • PLUS SAFETY for the manufacture of goggles, medical robes and others.
  • AKADEMI TIBBI ALETLER for the production of dermatological surgery blades, orthopaedic blades, plastic surgery wires and medical sample cans.
  • TEMAS TIBBI MALZEMELER VE SARGI BEZI SAN. VE TIC. A.S for the manufacture of cotton and flexible dressings and comprehensive and coloured dressings...

medical supplies in Turkey

Steps to Import Medical Supplies from Turkey

It is indisputable that trade shows in Turkey are an ideal field to discover the most important and latest products.

Trade fairs in Turkey are held throughout the year, and you can see their detailed dates on the Tebadul Trading Company website.

If you want to save time and effort, you can contact one of the companies specialising in the field of trade, including Tebadul International Trading Company.

Tebadul guarantees you to get products from the best suppliers and manufacturers, and get the best deals and prices, with our full readiness to meet all requests at maximum speed, the best price and optimal service.

Tebadul Services Regarding the Import of Medical Supplies from Turkey

Tebadul International Trading saves your time and effort, offering the products from its main sources directly, and guarantees its customers to obtain the best price, health certificate of products, packaging, and shipping facilities.

We welcome your direct contact with our team at Tebadul International Trade for further information about the materials and services we provide.


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