Importing household appliances from Turkey in 2024

Importing household appliances from Turkey in 2024
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An overview of the home appliances market in Turkey

As part of the production and export revolution adopted by the Turkish state in support of its economic pillars, through its reliance on the large quantitative production of goods and products at higher quality and lower costs, as a prelude to its entry into the major countries competing in this field, the appliances, and household utensils sector has emerged among the sectors that have recently made a marked breakthrough in the volume of the country's exports.

According to data issued by the Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Household Appliances and Kitchen Appliances in Turkey, the volume of exports of this sector in 2020 amounted to about $2.6 billion.

Small household electrical appliances ranked first in terms of the volume of exports from the household appliances sector in Turkey with a rate of 35.5%, while in the second place came metal kitchen utensils with a rate of 31.3%, and then household appliances and plastic kitchen utensils came in third place with 17.3%.

Glass tableware and kitchen utensils were among the main Turkish household appliances exports, accounting for 11.4% of the total volume of exports in the same sector, in addition to ceramic and porcelain kitchen utensils, which amounted to 4.4%.

The European countries are the most importers of Turkish household appliances with 54.8% of the total volume of exports of this sector, and the Middle East comes in second place with 23.2%, while African countries came in third place with 14.5%, in addition to Latin American countries and the United States of America, and some Asian countries.

The countries of Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia were among the most Arab countries importing Turkish household appliances, and therefore the Turkish exporters in this sector, after achieving all these successes and gaining the confidence of the global market of household appliances products, increased the desire to provide the most by opening new markets and focusing to double the volume of exports.

As Turkish household products have proven their quality and effectiveness, they entered the global market strongly and competed with other leading industrial countries in this sector such as China, India, and others.

Steps to import household items from Turkey in wholesale

The Turkish market is a very large market, in which there are many competitors, and it depends on the method of free trade, so there is a lot of supply and competition between producers and traders.

Therefore, the main step in importing from Turkey is to find the most reliable and experienced trade partner in the Turkish market, which shows the origin of the product, and you can also reach the manufacturer; to produce your product with specifications that suit you with high quality and lower prices, and for successful steps to import household appliances in Turkey, you must follow the following:

  • Study the market and get acquainted with products and prices in general
  • Finding a reliable business partner
  • Going on field tours to factories and laboratories to inspect the products on the ground (through a reliable commercial intermediary)
  • Deciding and agreeing on the quantity and products required
  • Signing and paying the amount or part of the agreed amount
  • Follow-up matters of receiving the quantity or quantities in the form of batches or at once according to the agreement
  • Shipping and export to the relevant country and registered address

Importing home appliances from Turkey

What are the best household appliances products that can be imported from Turkey?

Turkey has international brands registered in the world of utensils and household appliances. Turkish household products are distinguished by sophistication and beauty, in addition to strength, durability, and quality.

The varieties of Turkish products in the household appliances sector are suitable to be imported from Turkey, and the most important of these products are:

  • Household electrical appliances (large and small for the kitchen)
  • Glass household items
  • Household items made of pottery, porcelain, and ceramics
  • Metal household appliances
  • Plastic household

Average wholesale prices of household appliances in Turkey

Turkish products generally compete in their prices globally, without affecting the quality of the product for various economic reasons. Household items in Turkey are cheap with high product quality compared to European, American, or even Middle Eastern countries.

The Turkish household appliances market is characterized as a wide, large and comprehensive market, as it meets all the desires and needs of those who are going to buy and import from Turkey, so it is difficult to determine the average price of household products in Turkey in general, but it can be said that they are competitive and relatively cheap prices with high quality.

Frequently asked questions about household appliances in Turkey

How does Tebadul Company help you in importing household items from Turkey?

Tebadul Company works to deliver the customer directly to the producer at the lowest prices and costs, through its partners from the Turkish manufacturers. It also works to shorten the time and effort for the customer through integrated services of receipt and delivery, follow-up of transportation and shipping procedures, and delivery of the agreed quantities to the destination. All you need to do is contact Tebadul Company to enjoy our high-end services.


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