Importing wholesale furniture from Turkey in 2024

Importing wholesale furniture from Turkey in 2024
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Information about the furniture market in Turkey

The furniture industry in Turkey is receiving great care and attention and this is shown in the steady rise in furniture exports from Turkey to various countries of the world. Turkish furniture exports recorded an increase of 23.9% during 2021, and its revenues exceeded $4 billion compared to 2020.

The United States of America, Germany, Britain, Iraq, and the occupied Zionist entity is among the countries that import furniture the most from Turkey in 2021.

It is noteworthy that Turkey, which exports furniture to 190 countries, aims to have its furniture exports reach $6 billion in 2022, and the country plans to enter the list of the top 5 furniture producing and exporting countries around the world by 2023.

The reason for the increase in demand for Turkish furniture products is due to the high level of their quality, distinctive designs, diversity, and competitive prices. As for the quality of the furniture industry in Turkey, the Turkish furniture production sector for 2015 ranked third in the world in terms of quality, warranty, and modern and elegant designs.

The data indicate that Turkey ranks second in the quality of its furniture production after Italy. Officials in the furniture trade say it is in a fierce race with the major producers in the world.

Within a decade and a half, Turkey jumped from 23rd to 12th among furniture exporting countries around the world, as the value of exports of this sector in 2017 amounted to about $2.35 billion, making the furniture sector one of many sectors that generate income in vital hard currency on the Turkish economy.

It is noteworthy that the main goal of the Turkish furniture sector in the future is to enable the sector to reach the first rank in terms of designs, and to enter the circle of the ten most furniture exporting countries in the world, according to a statement by the head of the furniture and wood products sector in Turkey, who explained that the secret is in the success of the Turkish furniture sector lies in the high quality and qualitative manpower, stressing that the material and advisory support provided by the Turkish government had a role in achieving this success and transforming Turkey from an importing country into an exporting country.

Turkish furniture accounted for half of the European furniture market demand, thus becoming the main competitor for Spanish and Italian furniture, which is the first in Europe.

Importing furniture from Turkey

What are the advantages of importing furniture from Turkey?

The craftsmanship in Turkey excelled in the manufacture of distinctive types of furniture, which competed with its competitors in the international markets, and occupied its place in the high-end salons with the ingenuity of its craftsmanship.

If we talk about Turkish furniture products and importing furniture from Turkey, one of its most important features is the following:

  1. Creativity in design: from the originality of this workmanship in Turkey, and its rootedness in the culture of the Turks and the Ottomans, which was represented in the attractive carvings and woodcrafts that developed in the field of this art through the use of the latest industrial and specialized machines, in addition to the high expertise in the field of carpet-making, which has been linked to the region’s cultural heritage for centuries.
  2. Industry quality: many Turkish brands gained the best reputation among their peers until they flew to the world, and due to the richness of the market in products, competition on quality was inevitable in this industry.
  3. Competitive prices: many importers note the good price difference between Turkish furniture products and other international products, compared to the quality of the product and the beauty of the designs.

wholesale furniture in Turkey

Steps to wholesale import furniture from Turkey

As we mentioned, Turkish furniture is distinguished, Turkish industries are in general, with two basic features that make it distinctive, desirable, and even desired by consumers in the world, especially in the Middle East; these two features are:

  • Overall high quality in design, production, and work.
  • The reasonable price that many categories in the Middle East can pay for the most luxurious furniture.

With the conviction of the Arab consumer of the quality and reasonableness of Turkish furniture, the demand for it increased, which put pressure on Arab businessmen and traders specialized in the field of furniture, to work very actively to import wholesale furniture in Turkey to meet the increasing demand of consumers.

As for the steps of wholesale importing furniture from Turkey, Tebadul International Trading Company offers you some of the following tips:

  • Studying the local market and prices well, so that the importer is fully aware of everything related to the trade and prices of furniture in the local market of the country to be exported to.
  • A good awareness of the customs laws in the importing country, so that the importing merchant is not surprised by high customs tariffs, which become a burden on the cost of the product, and increase its price that reaches the consumer.
  • Providing complete product papers, such as product certificates, packing lists, purchase invoices, technical data, in order for goods and products to pass through customs easily.

In general, the operations of importing wholesale furniture from Turkey are described as easy and easy, and the import process from Turkey can be summarized in the following points:

  • Choosing the right agent or company to choose the products through.
  • Good choice of the shipping company.
  • Pay the amounts by hand, through an intermediary, or via transfer.

The process of importing furniture from Turkey sometimes requires a particularity of attention in the shipping process, in order for the product to reach you in the best way and to avoid any damage in it, which is what the exchange company attaches special importance to, in addition to its other facilities and services.

To find out about everything related to the furniture markets in Turkey, and the steps to import furniture from Turkey, you can contact the Tebadul International Company.

furniture markets in Turkey

What are the best types of furniture to import from Turkey?

Since Turkish furniture has reserved a prominent position in the world, this has led to more diversity in Turkish furniture, with different prices, designs, models, wood quality, and the life span of each item.

Among the types of Turkish furniture, we mention gilded wooden furniture, Turkish classic furniture, bold and spontaneous Turkish furniture, and Turkish furniture known as Koman.

Tebadul International Company has paid special attention to the matter of furniture trade and supply of Turkish furniture, of all kinds and types, and all Turkish brands that have won the admiration of the global market, which include the following items:

  • Bedrooms and beds.
  • Furniture and home furnishings.
  • Office furniture.
  • Furniture for restaurants and halls.
  • Restaurant equipment and supplies.
  • Furniture accessories of all kinds.
  • Turkish carpets and rugs of all kinds.
  • Fabric, plastic, and wood blinds and accessories.
  • Chandeliers of all kinds and sizes.
  • Turkish sofas and mattresses.
  • Covers, blankets, and sheets.
  • Antiques, orientals, copperplates, and glassware.

Average wholesale furniture prices in Turkey

Furniture prices in Turkey are described as being competitive with other types of furniture in the world in terms of prices, while maintaining a distinct degree of quality in design and materials used in the industry, bearing in mind that prices vary according to the required type, its features, and specifications.

For more information about the prices of furniture in Turkey, you can contact us at Tebadul company to offer the information you need about the distinctive types of furniture in Turkey, their specifications, prices, and how they reach you while you are in your country.

Turkish furniture

Frequently asked questions about furniture trading in Turkey

How does Tebadul company help you in importing furniture from Turkey?

Tebadul International Trade Company seeks to provide its customers with the best and most competitive prices, among Turkish furniture products, with the ability to customize quantities on demand.

It saves its customers effort and time through trade services in Turkey, which include packaging, customs clearance, shipping, and wholesale furniture trade, in addition to the ability to manufacture products on demand, for large, small, and medium quantities.

Tebadul International Trade Company guarantees its customers to obtain the products as agreed upon, while making every effort to follow up the orders, and the goods until you receive them in the best way.

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