Import from Turkey to America: Routes and Prices 2024

Import from Turkey to America: Routes and Prices 2024

Shipping and import from Turkey to America are as active as trade, thanks to Turkey's large stock of goods of global demand, the most important of which are food products and hazelnuts, which turkey covers the vast majority of its production globally, as well as other types of trade that we are looking at in this article.

How to Import from Turkey to America

The import process is governed by several factors related to products to be imported from Turkey to America.

Those wishing to import their goods from Turkey to America often find one of two ways:

  1. Travel to Turkey and visit markets and companies producing the required goods, where products are selected and deals are concluded and the goods are paid for and processed for shipment.
  2. Choose a party to carry out the request on behalf of the applicant, whether it is a person or a company.

 The first method has a range of difficulties, especially for people who do not have sufficient experience in Turkey's markets and products, as well as language barriers, so many find the second way an effective option.

Import from Turkey to America

Tebadul International Trade has taken it upon itself to facilitate trade and import of goods from Turkey to America, with full readiness to supply the best Turkish products and offers suitable for all customers.

Tebadul International Trade facilitates all import supplies of different commercial orders remotely, even without having to come to Turkey. The selected order is prepared following the criteria specified by the customer, and the goods are packaged, with the shipping process and all customs clearance services, until the goods reach America.

Import conditions from Turkey to America

The Turkish production and supply market is known for its great openness and its multiple facilities. The import process from Turkey to America has no significant obstacles, given the wide openness of Turkish supply markets, except for the customs clearance of goods in America.

Creating a deal in Turkey or purchasing goods of any kind, and supplying them to America directly and smoothly, after an agreement with a shipping company and a customs saviour, does not cost you much effort.

What are the Most Important Goods America Imports from Turkey?

Turkey's exports of food products to the United States, the world's largest food importer, in 2018 amounted to about $927 million. Turkey aims to deliver these exports to $2 billion in 2023.

Trade programmes between America and Turkey also included multiple commodities, most notably vehicles, spare parts, jewellery, precious metals and stone materials, as well as Turkish furniture products, textiles, and carpets.

How to Import from Turkey to America

Routes of Shipping from Turkey to America

Goods to be imported from Turkey to America has only two types of shipping: sea shipping and air freight.

Sea Shipping from Turkey to America

Tebadul International Trade provides full support for shipping from Turkey to America, through all Turkish ports and to various ports in the United States of America.

It provides all safe shipping supplies to its customers, following regular flight programmes, as well as all logistics related to shipments, with documents and papers necessary for the shipment and customs clearance of the goods.

Air Freight from Turkey to America

For urgent or perishable shipments, air cargo offers an alternative option that will work when needed, but at a higher cost, and for fast delivery.

Commercial air transportation also covers a wide network of the most important U.S. states.

Average Shipping Prices from Turkey to America

The pricing mechanism for air freight from Turkey to America depends on the type of goods and their volumetric weight. Prices are divided into multiple segments, all of which are linked to schedule details.

Shipping price updates for large and small container items or partial shipping can also be found at U.S. ports, from most Turkish ports on a strictly followed flight schedule.

Shipping from Turkey to America

Shipping Companies from Turkey to America and How Can Tebadul Help You?

Many shipping companies offer their services for partial or total cargo, and through air and sea shipping channels from Turkey to the United States.

What stands out for Tebadul International Trade, however, is its pioneering services covering all stages of the supply of goods from Turkey, including power of attorney, the financial credits required for the import of goods, and all logistics accompanying the import process from Turkey.

We provide the necessary support in the export of Turkish goods to America from the best manufacturers and suppliers, with the best prices, the arrangement of receipt of goods, packaging services, shipping facilities, as well submitting papers and documents necessary to conduct the shipping process without any problems or obstacles, with the possibility of carrying out full customs clearance procedures to secure the goods to our customers in the United States of America.

Our experienced and professional team recognizes the needs of customers and meets their aspirations for successful business deals.


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