Costs and conditions for importing from Turkey to Tunisia

Costs and conditions for importing from Turkey to Tunisia

Follow us through Tebadul company all the details related to shipping methods from Turkey to Tunisia, and the most important imported products between the two countries.

What are the steps for importing from Turkey to Tunisia?

The Tunisian market is one of the largest imports of Turkish goods in the North of Africa. Turkish products in the Tunisian market have a high profile and high demand because of their high quality and competitive prices compared to other products.

Therefore, it is useful in this article to mention how to import from Turkey to Tunisia, which can be summarized through the following points:

  • Knowing the type of products to be imported from Turkey, and estimating the volume of demand that these products can find in the Tunisian market.
  • Developing a detailed plan through which you study the manufacturing resources of the required products in Turkey, and determine the supplier that offers the best commodity with the strongest quality to deal with.
  • Samples of the required goods can be requested, to ensure their quality and specifications.
  • Communication with one of the import companies between Turkey and Tunisia, which handles the preparation, packaging, and delivery of goods to Tunisia.
Some Tunisian traders wishing to import goods from Turkish markets can travel to Turkey and search for goods themselves, without having to deal with intermediaries in international trade.

Whatever kind of goods you want to import, Tebadul company offers customers the opportunity to import safely, according to the criteria that suit the various types of products imported from Turkey.

What are the conditions and laws for importing from Turkey to Tunisia?

When you determine the type of goods to be imported, you can communicate with a trusted shipping company, so that the import and export company, through its representatives, can register the goods required in the Customs Department, and must also register in the Federation of Exporters of Turkey in case the import takes place for the first time.

Here you must prepare some official papers that must be submitted to the General Customs Administration when shipping from Turkey to Tunisia, which are:

  • A document proving the power of attorney for the import and export company.
  • Documents proving the goods to be imported, indicating their type, origin, and price.
  • Commercial register.
  • Industrial register.
  • Tax card.
  • Import card.
  • Customs dealers card.

After preparing the above-mentioned official documents, which are valid for all products imported from Turkey, other transactions related to the issuance of the invoice, the payment of the exporters association fees specified in accordance with the invoice price, the preparation of the circulation document, etc. are carried out in terms of legislation to which the goods to be exported are subject.

What are the most important products and goods imported from Turkey?

According to data and figures issued by official websites, the volume of Turkish exports to Tunisia amounted to 947 million dollars in 2019, while during the past 24 years, we began to notice an increase in Turkey's exports to Tunisia at an annual rate of 9.46%, as the volume of exports increased from 108 million dollars in 1995 to $947 million in 2019.

The main products exported from Turkey to Tunisia were:

  • Iron ($68.5 million).
  • Heavy woven cotton ($56.1 million).
  • Lightweight stretch knitwear ($39.4 million).

As for Tunisian exports to Turkey, they reached $182 million in 2019, and there has also been an increase in Tunisia’s exports to Turkey during the past 24 years, as the Tunisian-Turkish exports rate increased by 6.25%, and exports rose from $5 million in 1995. to $182 million in 2019.

The main products exported from Tunisia to Turkey were:

  • Mixed mineral or chemical fertilizers ($60.7 million).
  • Refined petroleum ($13.4 million).
  • Medical equipment ($8.79 million).

Importing from Turkey to Tunisia

What are the shipping methods and conditions from Turkey to Tunisia?

Tebadul Company provides shipping services for all products and items from Turkey to Tunisia via the available means of transportation between the two countries:

  1. Air freight from Turkey: We work through air freight to Tunisia to secure the arrival of shipments in a short period of time, and we rely on such types of shipping methods to send packages that have small sizes and light weights, which are one of the most expensive and fastest shipping methods in Turkey.
  2. Sea freight from Turkey: Sea freight from Turkey to Tunisia is carried out by shipping large goods through huge transport containers, customized according to the products, and equipped with equipment that guarantees the ideal conditions for the nature of the product to be exported. The sea freight method is characterized by loading large-sized goods, and at lower costs than air freight.

Tebadul company for international trade and international shipping offers a series of integrated services that meet their requests for international shipping services from Turkey to Tunisia and the rest of the world. Our business continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide shipping services for all goods of all sizes, including shipping foodstuffs, Turkish clothes, and all kinds of furniture, furniture, and home furnishings.

We also ship electrical and household appliances, bags, shoes, leather, machinery, and industrial equipment, and other commercial items, goods, and products.

how to import from Turkey to Tunisia

Prices and shipping costs from Turkey to Tunisia

At Tebadul company, we aim to provide the cheapest shipping rates from Turkey to Tunisia, and we also seek to provide the best shipping services to all customers, at the cheapest prices available in the Turkish market.

Our goal is to gain the trust of the customer and work to secure his needs at the lowest possible costs and maintain transparency in dealing with customers.

Shipping companies from Turkey to Tunisia and what does Tebadul company offer?

Because of the large number of Arab communities in European countries in recent years, and the fact that Turkish products are very popular in Arab countries, there have been many shipping and export companies that have been transporting commercial goods to Europe and Arab countries in recent times.

Despite the large number of these companies, wholesalers usually investigate great accuracy in searching for shipping companies from Turkey to Tunisia that is reliable, characterized by objectivity in transporting goods and providing reasonable prices.

Through our professional services at Tebadul company, we seek to be one of the most important import and export companies in Turkey, where the interest in achieving the highest customer satisfaction is the end we have in mind.

We are trying hard to meet the expectations with regard to the quality of the services provided in order to gain the trust of the customer, and this is achieved through the following:

  • Check shipments before receiving them from laboratories and factories, to ensure the safety of goods before loading them into shipping carts.
  • Ensure that the products conform to the required specifications, before carrying out the packaging operations.
  • The packaging phase, which is done under the eyes of product examiners, makes sure that the goods are free from manufacturing problems or are not exposed to fracture or damage.
  • Preparing all necessary documents for the shipping and customs clearance process.
  • A team of professional employees who supervise the process of managing goods in customs.
  • Conducting shipping operations according to the highest quality standards, conforming to the required shipping conditions, ensuring the safety of the shipment, and following it up until it reaches the delivery destination.

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