How to import from Turkey to Egypt 2024?

How to import from Turkey to Egypt 2024?

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How to import from Turkey to Egypt?

Turkey is an attractive market for traders from all over the world, especially from Arab countries. Egypt is at the forefront of countries that establish extensive trade relations with Turkey, and the method is through well-thought-out steps. Either the import from Turkey to Egypt is through traveling to Turkey and moving between its factories and checking the products should be closely monitored, and the goods should be physically inspected, or the import should be without traveling to Turkey, through commercial brokerage companies that provide the merchant with all the information, goods and prices he needs, and secure all the necessary customs clearance and shipping matters, which Tebadul company does.

What are the conditions to import from Turkey to Egypt?

There are several conditions required by Egyptian laws to import from countries, including the presence of the commercial register, the presence of the industrial register, in addition to the tax card and import card, the presence of a customs clearance agency, a statement of tax costs and the amount of customs imposed on goods, in addition to documents related to imported goods, and what is related to Turkey, all there is to know is customs clearance and export methods after communicating with the supplying factories.

What are the most important products that Egypt imports from Turkey?

The most important products that Egypt imports from Turkey are primarily related to luxury Turkish clothes, which are witnessing a heavy demand by Egyptian merchants, due to their quality, cheap prices, and competition for many international markets, as well as Turkish furniture that is characterized by elegance, quality, the multiplicity of models, colors and sizes, as well as various household items, especially kitchen equipment, as well as cleaning tools, oils, electrical and food tools, and others.

How to ship from Turkey to Egypt?

After the importer has chosen the goods that he wants to export from Turkey to Egypt, whether through direct purchase or through commercial representation on behalf of others, through the intermediary trade companies that take care of everything, there are necessary steps to release the shipment to go to Egypt, It is easy, and it is usually carried out by brokerage companies such as Tebadul company including paying customs dues after selecting the appropriate shipping companies, determining the receiving party, and having documents of ownership of the goods.

What is the shipping cost from Turkey to Egypt?

Costs vary depending on the type of shipping and the type of goods shipped, there is air freight, sea freight, and express mail freight, and each of these types has different terms, details, and prices, but sea freight from Turkey is the cheapest type due to many factors, and Tebadul company provides competitive services at attractive prices You can contact us to inform you of the prices.

Shipping companies from Turkey to Egypt

There is a variety of shipping companies from Turkey to Egypt. It is necessary to ensure that companies meet standards of quality, honesty, accuracy, and customer satisfaction by providing integrated shipping services, whether for shipping, air freight, or fast mail services, in an integrated and secure manner. It is important for shipping companies to have a wide mission and to have a presence on all Turkish lands, including Tebadul Company, which seeks to lead in this field, by building a sustainable relationship of trust with its valued customers.


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