How to import from Turkey to Palestine and costs in 2024

How to import from Turkey to Palestine and costs in 2024

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What are the methods and steps to import from Turkey to Palestine?

The steps for importing from Turkey revolve around several main points:

  • Selection of the appropriate exporting company: This may be through the search for companies and factories in different fields online, or through knowledge and friends; It was necessary to have access to a good number of exporting companies so that the importer could choose the best suitable offer.
  • After selecting the required goods, the e-mail or fax of the importer's company is sent. It is strongly advised here that it is necessary to deal in the name of the company, not in a personal capacity so that the transaction is more serious.
  • Choosing the right shipping company: As is the case with choosing the appropriate export company, offers can also be obtained for shipping from the best shipping companies from Turkey to Palestine.
  • After selecting the shipping company, an agreement is made with it to ship the goods, clear them and deliver them to the importer from Turkey to Palestine.

This, and it should be recalled that the importer must know the full specifications of the goods to be imported.

What are the conditions and laws for importing from Turkey to Palestine?

On how to import from Turkey to Palestine, there are certain conditions, including the following:

  1. The import contract must provide for a clause requiring the company from which the import is made to export products corresponding to the samples sent, and in the event of a breach, the contract shall be immediately invalid.
  2. Establish a clause for the date of shipment and delivery, and in the event of a delay, the company is obligated to pay fines.
  3. Indication of the shipping method, whether it is air, land, or sea shipping from Turkey.
  4. Statement of the method of payment.

Consideration should also be given to attaching the import contract to the following:

  1. A copy of the commercial invoice.
  2. It is necessary to mention the country of origin in the commercial invoice, as well as the name of the carrier, in addition to mentioning the brand and the quantity of the commodity.
  3. A full description of the product includes value.
  4. The documents must be included in the shipping invoice.

Importing from Turkey to Palestine

What are the most important products that Palestine imports from Turkey?

The volume of trade exchange between Turkey and Palestine increased by 771 percent during the period from 2005 to 2015, as a result of the free trade agreement concluded between the two parties in 2004, according to statements in March 2016 by the Undersecretary of the Turkish Exporters Council, Mustafa Cekiraccioglu, where He explained that Turkey has become the second country in the ranking of countries that export the most to Palestine.

The Turkish Minister of Economy also stressed in his statements at: "Turkey conference Palestine's gateway to the world."

On his country's aspiration to develop the free trade agreement with Palestine to be similar to Turkey's agreement with the European Union, which provides for full exemption from customs duties.

This, and comes at the forefront of the products that Palestine imports from Turkey, furniture, textiles, and foodstuffs, as well as importing clothes from Turkey to Palestine and other goods.

Shipping methods from Turkey to Palestine

There are two ways for shipping from Turkey to Palestine:

2. Traveling to Turkey: As traveling to the country from which the goods are imported is the best and optimal option, where the importer has the ability to visit the largest number of companies, factories, and markets, which means that he can inspect the products closely, and thus he can make comparisons between different products in terms of prices. And designs, quality levels, and selection of products that suit the target market from the source of supply that provides him with the best prices.

But the problem with this method is that it's the most expensive of all the import routes from Turkey.

  • Getting a visa to travel to Turkey
  • Round trip airline tickets
  • Accommodation in a hotel for 7 to 10 days.

2. Import through an intermediary: by assigning an import company from Turkey to purchase the products that the importer needs with the required specifications, for that company to import and clear customs, which is enough for him a lot of trouble and effort, but in return, he will pay money for those services, and often the amounts paid are a percentage of the total price (for example 20% of the total costs).

Shipping costs from Turkey to Palestine

It is not easy to determine shipping prices from Turkey to Palestine, as this depends on the weight and size of the commodity, as well as the method of shipping, whether it is sea or Air shipping from Turkey.

Generally speaking, however, as in the commercial community, shipping is often much cheaper than air freight, as air freight is calculated in kilos as opposed to shipping, in addition to the fact that shipping has the potential to ship larger quantities than air cargo.

Importing from Turkey to Palestine

The most important shipping companies from Turkey to Palestine, and what does Tebadul company offer?

Tebadul Company offers its valued traders and importers in Turkey and Palestine a set of diverse and integrated services that meet all the requirements of Palestinian traders and provide them with products at reasonable prices, as it specializes in the authenticity of exporting goods from Turkey, whether it is produced by it, manufactured for it, or ready-made. The company is characterized by high professionalism and credibility in its work.


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