Terms and costs for importing from Turkey to Iraq in 2024

Terms and costs for importing from Turkey to Iraq in 2024

Imports from Turkey to Iraq especially flourished in recent years, as Iraq ranked fourth among the countries to which Turkey's exports go, with the volume of trade between them exceeding the $20 billion barriers in 2020.

Where the head of the Association of Industrialists and Businessmen in Turkey and Iraq "Nawaf Kılıç" stated - in an interview with Anadolu Agency - that Turkish brands make up about 90% of the brands in Iraqi shopping centers, in addition to the fact that Turkish brands are the most preferred among other brands in Iraq.

Kılıç added, "Turkish businessmen are making unremitting efforts to raise the volume of Turkish foreign trade with Iraq annually to $50 billion."

Ways and steps to import from Turkey to Iraq

Since Iraq is ranked fourth among the largest importers of Turkish goods after Germany, Britain, and the United States, and because Turkey has become a major source of goods imported to Iraq, for reasons related to geographical proximity; which means lower transportation costs and greater competitiveness of Turkish goods for other foreign goods. How to import from Turkey to Iraq is one of the things that concern Iraqi traders the most.

Because Tebadul Company is keen to provide its various services to its customers, we will show you some advice on the subject of importing from Turkey to Iraq:

  • If the importer wishes to travel by himself to Turkey in order to inspect and inspect his goods there, he must provide all the required documents, including residence in Turkey, and seek the assistance of experts in commercial transactions and markets, and visit factories and various companies to find out the best factories that he can deal with and give them his confidence, and identify his places of residence in Turkey during the period of work and import.
  • The importer can start its project with enough capital to start its business, and then expand its activity after studying the market better and more deeply through the experience it will have, and gather information so that it can obtain import offers from Turkey at the lowest possible expense.

Importing from Turkey to Iraq

What are the conditions for importing from Turkey to Iraq?

The importer must observe the quality standards of the product and comply with the established specifications. It must not be manipulated by certain companies and factories in order to ensure a strong presence in the Iraqi market. If the importer does not have sufficient experience in examining and inspecting imported goods, then it can use one of the companies to inspect and inspect imported goods.

One of the very important matters that some importers may neglect is: not mentioning the country of origin or the source of the product - which here is Turkey - which may lead to the rejection of the goods at customs and the importer being charged a fine. Therefore, attention should be paid to this matter. If the goods were manufactured in Turkey, there must be a phrase - Made in Turkey - to avoid any problems or obstacles.

This, and there are a number of basic documents that must be present in order for the import contract to take place, which are:

  1. The customer must have a commercial or industrial registry, or be registered on the shipping company's registry.
  2. Import document, or import card
  3. Commercial invoice certified by Turkey.
  4. General authorization attested by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry for the intermediary company - Tebadul company - for example.

What are the most important goods that Iraq imports from Turkey?

For the most important goods imported from Turkey to Iraq, food items are highlighted, such as chicken, eggs, flour, beans, biscuits, food oils, chocolate, and its products, dairy and its products, refreshments, pasta of various kinds, and salt; as well as sanitary tampons, baby diapers and ready clothes, shoes, furniture and even the import of jewelry from Turkey.

how to import from Turkey to Iraq

How and terms of shipping from Turkey to Iraq

Because the Iraqi importer does not need a commercial register for import from Turkey to Iraq, nor does it need to have an official company in Turkey. Shipping companies from Turkey to Iraq are responsible for clearing goods to customs importers and officially bear the record of all shipping in their name, which means that it is too easy for traders and importers to import from Turkey to Iraq.

The importer initially communicates with the shipping company with which he wishes to deal, opens his own account at the company, and after agreeing to purchase the goods, the importer pays off at the shipping company in Iraq, after which the exporting Turkish company receives the money directly from the shipping company branch in Turkey.

Here we recommend that the money be sent in the name of the exporting company and not on the names of persons, and note that the shipping company gives the importer a guarantee that the money will not be delivered to the exporter until the shipping company receives the goods; In the event of any manipulation, the importer could cancel the purchase through the shipping company as an intermediary between the importer and the exporter.

Shipping costs from Turkey to Iraq

The cost of shipping from Turkey to Iraq is assumed to be largely acceptable because Iraq and Turkey have a common land border, which facilitates the Land shipping from Turkey of goods to Iraq.

For a clearer picture of the costs of shipping from Turkey to Iraq, the cost of shipping a single load of clothing, such as from Turkey to Iraq: Ranges from $30 to $45 per shipping company.

As for the cost of shipping brands: the price of shipping a single bagel, which weighs between 75 and 100 kg, may reach $45 to $70.

shipping from Turkey to Iraq

Shipping companies from Turkey to Iraq, and what are the services of Tebadul company?

Shipping companies from Turkey to Iraq seek to gain the confidence of Iraqi merchant and importer customers, especially since the Iraqi market is one of the most important markets receiving Turkish goods, and shipping companies, therefore, compete at their prices and services provided.

With regard to the length of time it takes for goods shipped from Turkey to arrive in Iraq, they could reach a maximum of 10 days from the date of shipment.

As for the services of Tebadul Company with regard to importing from Turkey to Iraq, Tebadul has a set of diverse and integrated services that meet all the requirements of Iraqi merchants and provide them with products at reasonable prices, as it is familiar with the export of goods from Turkey, whether it is of its own production, prepared, or manufactured for it. The company also seeks to complete the work of esteemed Iraqi traders and importers with high quality and professionalism.


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