Guide for Importing from Turkey to Ghana

Guide for Importing from Turkey to Ghana
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Turkey-Ghana Economic and Trade Relations

The economic ties between Turkey and Ghana have been stronger throughout time, particularly in the last ten years as Turkey's entire Africa strategy started to take form.

Turkish businesses have increased their trade and investment with Ghana, which will lead to record growth. Turkish businesses are now active in several important areas of our economy, including aviation, energy, construction, water production, and education, among others.

Turkish brands and products are increasingly making their way into Ghanaian markets. Analysts from both sides concur that given the capacity of the two nations, bilateral economic activity might be far higher.

Turkey: An Emerging Economy

Turkey is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, thanks to its youthful demographic profile. Some 27% of the Turkish population is younger than 15, compared with 17% in the UK and 13% in Germany.

With a burgeoning market of young customers eager to buy goods and services, there is huge potential in Turkey for key sectors such as banking, telecoms, autos, consumer durables and construction.

Advantages of Importing from Turkey to Ghana

Variety of Suppliers

Turkey’s factories and companies export a variety of goods and products worldwide.

After the dramatic fall of the Turkish Lira, it is no secret that Turkey is a cheap country for exporters. There are many manufacturers in Turkey with cheaper prices than ever in 2022.

At Tebadul International Trade, we help you connect with the main resources of products, facilitate your business, and offer a range of services.

Good Prices and High-Quality Products

Turkish products are known for their quality, conformity to international specifications, and low prices. Not to mention, it is very easy to import them.

Legal Requirements to Import from Turkey

Customs and Documentation

In most cases, import from Turkey is treated as an intra-Community acquisition of goods. Therefore, it does not require extra customs charges.

The exporter and importer's transactions are documented or attested to by the commercial invoice. When the items are ready, the exporter sends the importer a commercial invoice to collect payment for the goods.

The commercial invoice, which always has to be submitted for customs clearance, comprises the essential details of the transaction.

It is comparable to a standard sales invoice, notwithstanding the addition of several pieces of information relevant to the export-import transaction. The following are the minimal data that are often included:

  • Information on the exporter and the importer (name and address)
  • Date of issue
  • Invoice number
  • Description of the goods (name, quality, etc.)
  • Unit of measure
  • Quantity of goods
  • Unit value
  • Total item value
  • Total invoice value and currency of payment. The equivalent amount must be indicated in a currency freely convertible to Euro or other legal tenders in the importing Member State
  • The terms of payment (method and date of payment, discounts, etc.)
  • The terms of delivery according to the appropriate Incoterm
  • Means of transport

What Should I Do to Import from Turkey to Ghana?

After Turkey has become an important centre for the import of goods, equipment and industrial tools, it has become necessary to indicate the steps, and the most important tips to importers.

Here is what you need to do to import from Turkey to Ghana

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Choose Shipping Way

You can come to Turkey and visit the most important specialized markets and companies. Then you need to choose the products, pay for them and process for shipping.

  • You can deal with an intermediary that carries out the business process on your behalf, whether that entity is a person or a company. We highly recommend choosing companies as they are safer.

Check our shipping services on the following link:

Shipping from Turkey to Ghana

You may decide to send your belongings to Ghana via plane or ship – either way, it should be an informed decision.

Benefits of Sea Freight

  • A 99.99% safety record
  • Sea freight is 12-16 times cheaper than air freight
  • You’re typically able to fit more on a ship than a plane
  • A container ship creates 44 times less CO2 than a plane

Benefits of Air Freight

  • An identical 99.99% safety record
  • Planes are faster

Shipping Cost from Turkey to Ghana

Shipping costs vary as per the type and size of the products. We highly recommend you contact the Tebadul International Trade team for detailed information on the costs of shipping from Turkey to Ghana.

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