Steps and Conditions for Importing Fish from Turkey

Steps and Conditions for Importing Fish from Turkey

Tebadul International Trade presents information on how to import fish from Turkey, the general conditions and the required papers with a brief overview of the country's fisheries.

About the Fisheries Sector in Turkey

Turkey's fisheries sector is rich in organisms that live and grow in the sea, such as fish, pearls, corals, seagrasses, and other diverse organisms.

Looking at Turkey’s map, you find that Turkey is surrounded by a group of the largest seas in the world, there is the Sea of Marmara on the western side, the Mediterranean Sea on the southern side, the Black Sea on the north-western part, and the Aegean Sea on the northern side of Turkey. In addition to these great seas, some large lakes and streams stretch over thousands of kilometres.

The Black Sea contains a huge fish wealth, more than other seas in Turkey, due to many rivers and streams pouring into the Black Sea in the north of Turkey. Plankton carried by rivers and streams constitutes a basic food for living organisms in the Black Sea. In addition, the probing water and the high amount of oxygen are among the main reasons for the richness of fish wealth.

Some of the most significant fish in the Black Sea are European Anchovy, Trachurus, Atlantic Bonito and Pollack.

On the other hand, Turkey is one of the countries that promotes aquaculture and provides all forms of support for the increase of fish wealth, as it has 906,118 hectares of natural lakes, and 344,234 hectares of artificial lakes, 15,500 hectares of natural ponds and 178,000 km of streams.

Does Turkey Export Fish to Other Countries?

The fisheries and aquatic products sector add great value to the Turkish economy, as the European Union is one of the first and major foreign markets that import fish from Turkey.

In addition to the European, Union fish is sold to a range of other countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Bahrain, Moldova, Peru, Malaysia, Nigeria, Turkmenistan and Iran.

It is worth mentioning that the volume of export of fish products in Turkey has reached $ 790 million from 2016 to the present day, and the volume of export of fish wealth is expected to reach $ 3 billion in 2023.

Mehmet Nuri Yilmaz, Deputy Director General of Fisheries at the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, said in a statement to Anadolu Agency that they exported $96 million of fish wealth from Elazig only during 2021, and stressed that Turkey has important potential in terms of marine resources and aquaculture production.

In a related context, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Exporters Association for the Fisheries and Animal Products Sector, Mr Sinan Kiziltan, told Anadolu Agency that Turkey exported fish products worth one billion and 21 million dollars to the markets of 80 countries around the world during 2020.

The Turkish government seeks to export fisheries in multiple forms, ensuring the safety of imported products, as fish products are exported fresh, chilled, frozen, smoked, canned or live.

Fish Import from Turkey

The Most Important Types of Fish to Import From Turkey

As mentioned earlier, the European Union is one of the most exporting countries of fish wealth in Turkey. Some of the most important types of fish imported by the European Union countries from Turkey are Gilt-Head Bream and European Bass. Here are the most prominent types of fish that can be imported from Turkey:

  • European Bass: $296 million
  • Gilt-Head Bream: $255 million
  • Salmon: $104 million
  • Tuna: $86 million

Fish Prices in Turkey (Wholesale)

Because of the large number of fish species available in Turkey, multiple aquatic products, and different quality specifications, it is very difficult to provide an overview of the prices of fish in Turkey, especially with currency fluctuations in the country.

However, the price details for all types of fish can be found by contacting our representatives at Tabadul International Trading Company.

Companies Exporting Fish from Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important fish exporting countries, with a group of the best companies exporting fish, and the most important fish companies in Turkey include:

  • MezzeMarin Company for the supply of frozen fish in Adana
  • Sasu Company for the supply of fresh and canned fish products in Adana
  • Alimar Seafood Export Company in Istanbul
  • Royal Fishery Seafood Export Company in Adana

Let the task of communicating with the most prominent companies that export fish of all kinds to Tabadul International Trading Company, which works to select the best products at the most appropriate prices possible.

Conditions and Steps for Importing Fish from Turkey

One of the conditions for importing fish from Turkey is to submit the following papers:

  • An approved health certificate, documented by the validity of aquatic products.
  • A certificate of control, with the transport permit granted by this department.

Other documents required by the Foreign Trade System for import from Turkey such as:

  • A paper proving the commercial or industrial register
  • Import card (import license)
  • Tax card
  • Bank payment document (document proving the transfer of the value of the invoice).
  • Customs clearance through a general authorization of the customs broker certified by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry.
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of origin
  • Packing lists
  • Invoice for export

Do not bother to secure these papers and get into the troubles of customs clearance, it is enough to provide a legal agency to Tebadul Company to take over the task of importing all fish and water products with high professionalism.

Fish Companies in Turkey

What are Tebadul’s Services Regarding the Import of Fish from Turkey?

In the previous paragraphs, we talked about the Turkish map, which contains a group of the largest seas in the world, and the interest shown by the Turkish government in water wealth.

Turkey has a strong ground on which fish wealth is built, with many types of fish in huge quantities, so imports to various countries of the world have increased. According to some official statistics, 65% of the value of fish wealth is exported to the European Union, adding high value to the Turkish economy.

In this context, Tabadul International Trading Company has worked to facilitate all procedures to import fish from Turkey, providing integrated services to offer the best products of fresh and canned fish.

Tebadul exports fish products to importers with the best quality specifications, and at the most appropriate prices following the legal conditions of the Ministry of Commerce and the Director of Taxes in Turkey and other importing countries.


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