How and conditions for importing doors from Turkey in 2024

How and conditions for importing doors from Turkey in 2024

One of the most important areas in which many traders work is the door trade from Turkey. Learn the details of importing doors from Turkey to all parts of the world through the Tebadul company.

An overview of the door industry in Turkey

The door industry began in Turkey in the seventies in the Turkish state of Kastamoni, and it was a small workshop to produce doors on demand, but with the population density in Turkey, the great demand for real estate purchase, and the renaissance of the Turkish construction sector.

This industry quickly developed and worked to improve its products, manufacturing high-quality doors, and was able to develop itself, to keep pace with the rapid response to customer requirements.

After meeting all the domestic needs of doors, this industry turned its attention to exporting abroad, and those in charge of this industry wanted to enter the international market. They also conducted an analysis of the local and foreign markets and formed an institutional structure to represent it abroad in 1997.

The construction contracts that Turkish contractors began to acquire in foreign countries, especially the European Union and the Middle East, increased the export operations.

As of the twenty-first century, the door industry in Turkey has developed a set of laws that stipulate ensuring that production in the Turkish door industry conforms to international standards set, and does not compromise high-quality levels, and encouraging the demand for this industry, through fair competition to manufacture the best doors among 100 companies active in this sector.

Importing doors from Turkey

The most important door manufacturers in Turkey

The most important door manufacturers in Turkey:

  1. Revolve Company: Despite its recent presence in the Turkish market, it is one of the best industrial companies that manufacture fire-resistant doors. Because of the quality of the products, high durability, and the diversity of their shapes, which meet all the requirements of metal doors, this company was able to establish its presence in the local market.
  2. Yilmaz Company: Founded in 1977 in Istanbul, it works in the machinery sector for the manufacture of all kinds of doors, and it is one of the best-armored door factories in Turkey.
  3. Visa Doors Manufacturing Company: Headquartered in Istanbul, this company works in the sector of industrial fire-resistant doors and armored doors in Turkey.
  4. PVC Company: Founded in 1996 in Bursa, it is one of the largest Turkish companies that export its products outside the country.
  5. Banader Company: Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Istanbul.

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Average prices of doors in Turkey (wholesale)

It is not possible to give a specific number for the wholesale prices of Turkish doors, because each type of these doors has specifications and advantages that distinguish it from other types, and each of these doors has sizes and limitations, which differentiate it from other doors products.

Therefore, determining the average prices of doors in Turkey is related to many factors, such as quality, specifications, sizes, export mechanism, and shipping methods. Those wishing to import doors from Turkey should communicate with the customer service team at Tebadul International Company, and get a general idea of ​​all the details related to the issue of exporting Turkish doors, and the prices involved.

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How and steps to import doors from Turkey?

You can import doors from Turkey by following the following steps:

  1. Traveling personally to Turkey: getting acquainted with the reality of the most famous Turkish factories, which manufacture doors, and taking a general idea of ​​the quality of the products, and a list of the available prices for these products.
  2. Importing via the Internet: This method is one of the easiest and fastest ways, but it is risky, and you must think carefully before coming to it, and do a thorough study of the companies that will deal with it.
  3. Import through an intermediary: Through this method, it is possible to rely on a commercial brokerage company and submit an offer to import Turkish doors through it, and the two sides are agreed on the smallest details, starting with the required specifications and the offered prices, how to import, the shipping mechanism, customs clearance, and other things matters related to the import of Turkish doors abroad.

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Conditions for importing doors from Turkey

Importers wishing to import wholesale doors from Turkey must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Determine the best suppliers and manufacturers, and choose the best resources in Turkey, which is known for its vastness and many choices.
  • Contracting with the manufacturer after agreeing on the price and the amount to be paid as a down payment and recording this in the contract.
  • A document agreeing to the penal terms that are paid in the event that the products and goods are not delivered on the agreed dates.
  • Obtaining approval of the delivery date and fixing it in the contract and agreeing on the place of delivery to be at the factory or at the port of export.
  • Carrying out packaging operations in a manner that ensures the safe arrival of the products to the importer.
  • Customs clearance and shipping by experts specializing in this field.
  • Use one of the available shipping methods that suit the type of product, and ensure its safe arrival in the importing country.

By communicating with the Tebadul company, it is possible to import doors from Turkey wholesale without bearing the burdens of securing legal documents, and the procedures followed in customs clearance.

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Tebadul company services regarding importing doors from Turkey

Tebadul company offers all services related to selling Turkish doors to foreign importers, as it communicates with the best manufacturers to secure the best products with the highest possible quality at the customer's request, then tries to get the best prices for these products, and provides multiple options of safe and fast shipping.

Tebadul company also has a cadre of professional employees in managing the customs clearance service upon export, and they keep in constant contact until ensuring the delivery of the products in the required form.

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