Importing beauty products from Turkey in 2024

Importing beauty products from Turkey in 2024

The most important information about importing beauty products from Turkey is covered in this article where we highlight the best Turkish beauty products, how to import them, and many other important matters related to the most important producers and most famous suppliers.

Information about the beauty products market in Turkey

With the boom in the market for importing cosmetic products from Turkey to many international destinations, and the rapid demand for the Turkish product in general, which has proven its worth among other products, especially in front of the Chinese and European varieties, it was natural that the demand for such materials with their various types, both cosmetic materials, increased whether dry or perfumes of all kinds, and many products that fall under its many items and details.

Importing beauty products from Turkey

What are the most famous Turkish cosmetics brands?

There are many types and brands of Turkish cosmetics, some of which have gained great fame in the Turkish internal market, and some of which have become world famous.

Here are the most famous of these companies:

  • BEBAK COSMETICS is a cosmetics company in Istanbul.
  • BAMBINO Cosmetics, which is also a producer in the cosmetics sector, also operates in the cotton buds and make-up sponge sector, headquartered in Kahramanmaras in southern Turkey.
  • Organika is a manufacturer of hair and body care products in Turkey.
  • Istanbul-based Guiz Cosmetics, which manufactures the Isabel Dupont brand.
  • Tuna Technology is a cosmetics company in Tekirdag, owner of the Note brand, under the license of one of the most important Italian brands.
  • Bunkar, which manufactures the famous Pastel brand outside Turkey.
  • Redist is a manufacturer of body care products and perfumes.
  • Goldenrose Company for the manufacture of all kinds of cosmetics.
  • Gulsah Company for the manufacture of cleaning and body care products.
  • Gabrini manufacturer of general cosmetics.

Among the famous brands in this sector are also Flormar brand, in addition to many factories, companies and producers within this sector.

trading beauty products in Turkey

Comparing Turkish beauty products with those of other countries

Turkish products can be compared to the most important international products of high quality and efficiency, which have seen a diversity beyond limitation in this article.

In fact, the advantage of these Turkish products is represented in two main things: high quality and affordable price.

There is no doubt that these two items are the most important things to think about when going into business, and because of that, Turkish brands have seen wide acceptance and presence in most of the markets they entered.

Why import beauty products from Turkey?

As mentioned above, the distinctive quality of Turkish varieties, and their great diversity, can enrich the target markets and fulfill the purpose, especially with the diversity and development of this type of industry in Turkey.

The production market for cosmetics in Turkey includes a wide range of chemical or natural products, and of very different types in the diversity of their models and prices, with the appropriateness of the needs and desires imposed by the reality of the target market, where we find an abundance of luxury items at relatively high prices, which include high-quality compounds and expensive, in addition to the availability of good types at low cost.

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What are the best cosmetics that can be imported from Turkey?

Turkish cosmetics include a wide variety, surrounding all types of cosmetic and therapeutic branches and daily necessities.

The products of the Turkish market are also surrounded by all the most famous brands in the world, and also include the most accurate of these materials, starting with personal detergents, perfumes, hair dye and its many and varied supplies, moving to make-up, which includes lipstick, eye liner, and nail polish.

Not to mention,  the lotions rich in natural compounds, skin emollients, deodorants, synthetic hair, cotton pads of all kinds, hundreds of detailed products that fall under them, and many, many more.

An overview on the prices of beauty products in Turkey (wholesale prices)

The prices of cosmetic products trade in Turkey are classified as cheap and affordable, and their types vary a lot and branch into hundreds of classifications.

To check the latest prices of wholesale beauty products for all the cosmetics that you are interested in, and to answer all your inquiries, you can contact us at Tebadul International Trading Company, where we provide you with a full briefing on the smallest details necessary to complete your profitable business in all Turkish products and cosmetics.

importing cosmetics from Turkey

How to import cosmetics from Turkey?

Those wishing to import goods from Turkey find one of two ways as follows:

  1. Traveling to Turkey and visiting the most important specialized markets and companies producing the required goods, where the products are selected, paid for and prepared for shipment. This method has a set of difficulties, especially for people who do not have sufficient experience in Turkey’s markets and products, in addition to language barriers.
  2. Choosing an entity that performs the required on behalf of the client, whether that entity is a person or a company.

Tebadul International Trading company works on facilitating trade and import of goods from Turkey, with full readiness to secure your needs of the best Turkish products, while securing the best offers suitable for the demand of all customers.

At Tebadul, we are keen to provide all the supplies for the import process with the possibility of securing various orders remotely, even without the need for the customer to come to Turkey. After preparing the order that is selected according to the desired standards, and packing and packing the goods, the shipping process is secured with customs clearance services.

How does Tebadul International company help you import beauty products from Turkey?

Tebadul International Trading company provides all services for importing goods and beauty products from Turkey, with all logistics services that include packaging services, customs clearance, shipping facilities and a feasibility study.

We also provide you with the best Turkish products that you require, and it saves te effort of searching, with the possibility of providing private agencies, exclusive agencies, and securing your required goods, and everything that falls under import services according to a working mechanism that ensures achieving the best results at the lowest cost.


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