Wholesale import of cleaning materials from Turkey

Wholesale import of cleaning materials from Turkey

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Quality and features of Turkish cleaning materials

Turkey is distinguished by being one of the most important producers and manufacturers of cleaning materials in the world. It is characterized by the abundance of products that include all fields, whether it is cleaning materials for hand cleaners, powders, or soaps of all kinds and forms. Turkish products in the world of cleaning are remarkable, in addition to the quality of the products, they compete in the world of prices.

Turkey has started manufacturing locally-made and environmentally-friendly cleaning products, using a vital mineral called “Boron”, as Turkey acquires more than half of the global market for “Boron”, which is used in many sectors of industry such as detergents, construction, cosmetics, and glass supplies.

What types of cleaning materials does Tebadul company provide?

1. All kinds of laundry powder

Turkey is famous for the production of laundry powder of all kinds. These products are characterized by their refreshing smells. There are various types of washing powders such as whitewashing powders and powders for colored clothes, in addition to the availability of all these powders for different types of washing machines. In addition to fabric softener, these powders are produced with the highest quality and accuracy and are characterized by their low costs, due to the low cost of transportation due to Turkey's proximity and important location between countries.

A. Whitewash powder: Turkish laundry powder

Turkish products contain various types of powders, including whitewashing powder, and they are characterized by their low price, superior cleanliness, high quality, and refreshing smell. It is used by many people, and is also available in liquid form, famously removing the most difficult spots on the fabric of clothing without making any change in the color of white clothes.

B. Laundry powder for colored clothes

Turkish powder products are undoubtedly not limited to white clothes, there are powders for colored clothes, and they are characterized as powders that remove yellow stains with their advanced compound quality, which makes them seem like brand new, and some are designed for automatic washing machines, and some are designed for hand washing, and these products are available with different refreshing scents, and different weights.

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2. Laundry freshener: Turkish laundry freshener

Turkish laundry freshener products are characterized by being fresh and sterilized using a group of essential oils that are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, such as lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil. Turkish products are also distinguished by adding enveloping scents to the clothes, and they are suitable for all types of fabrics, even microfibers, and practical clothes, with a concentrated formula, which gives clothes a long-lasting fresh scent.

3. Sofa cleaning materials

There are many products available in Turkey for cleaning different types of sofas, velvet or chamois sofas, or fabric sofas, as cleaning the sofa is very important after being exposed, like other pieces of furniture, to dust and obvious stains. Turkish products are distinguished by maintaining the sofa without changing its colors in addition to its concentration, multiplicity of smells and types, it is also characterized by a guide for use according to the type of sofa.

4. Carpet cleaning materials

There are many types of carpet cleaning materials used for carpet and moquette cleaning, whether made of natural materials such as wool, cotton, or silk or made of industrial materials such as nylon or polyester. Turkish markets provide various types such as foam detergents, solvents, or enzymes to accelerate the clean-up process.

5. Ceramic cleaning materials

Turkey is known for producing ceramic cleaning powders, with various types of materials. Turkish powders are designed to clean ceramic facades, in addition, they remove various dirt from them. Turkish products are also resistant to fungi that prevent molds from forming especially in bathroom ceramics, where steam that causes fungi growth is widespread, they are effective in cleaning ceramics, especially vent ones, and they have an enormous ability to clean ceramics lines while preserving the original color.

6. Bathroom cleaning materials

Turkey is famous for the quality and variety of bathroom cleaners in line with the desires of customers. These products are characterized by their relatively safe composition, and their concentration that allows dealing with various rust spots, material deposits, and dirt, and they do not harm surfaces and include some disinfectants in the composition, which help to get rid of germs and smells.

Cleaning materials in Turkey

7. Kitchen cleaning materials

The continuous cleaning of the kitchen is important. Failure to clean leads to the spread of harmful bacteria, so Turkey provides various types of kitchen cleaning materials, such as bleach used in many areas of the floor and kitchen basin, as well as disinfectant spray, surface cleaning napkins, floor cleaners, etc., and is effective in eliminating the germs that spread in the kitchen.

What services are provided by Tebadul company in the trade of cleaning and importing materials from Turkey?

Tebadul company within the cleaning materials trade provides all necessary support in the export of these products, starting with the identification of the best suppliers, manufacturers, and products, and the selection of the best resources in Turkey known for its variety of options. Therefore, all negotiations are arranged to obtain the best prices and to arrange for the receipt of the goods, and the accompanying packaging and internal shipping, leading to the export of the product to the importing country, with customs clearance and shipping from Turkey facilitated by competent experts.


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