Importing the best types of chocolate from Turkey

Importing the best types of chocolate from Turkey

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What is the rank of Turkish chocolate in the world?

Turkish chocolate is attracting the attention of importers from all over the world, due to the fact that Turkish brands offer the most luxurious products, with charming varieties and foods, relying on the historical depth in their distinctive and sometimes strange production, up to their design methods, which earned it a worldwide reputation in foreign markets

As exports of Turkish chocolate products reach more than 110 countries around the world, it also surpasses the largest competitors in this sector from other countries in terms of quality and price, making it a major economic income to Turkey that annually generates billions of dollars.

Importing chocolate

According to Irfan Demirel, President of the Employers' Association of Turkey, the number of factories and enterprises operating in Turkey's chocolate industry of different size reached 1,200, indicating that they produce approximately 237,000 tons of chocolate per day and 240 tons of sugar at a market size of $3.6 billion.

According to economic statistics, by 2017 the global chocolate market had reached $104 billion, and by 2024 it is expected to reach $161 billion. It is a large market from which Turkey is aggressively seeking to take as much share as possible and increase its exports to new markets in the Middle East and Africa to the European and American markets.

Among the most prominent Arab countries importing Turkish chocolate, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, and Qatar.

Importing chocolate from Turkey: the best types available

Regular (sweetened) chocolate

Regular chocolate is considered one of the most famous and produced types, being the most popular, and of various varieties, which satisfies all tastes, so the chocolate production companies in Turkey pay great attention to the production of this variety, which contains fewer calories and less sugar content, which is suitable for weddings, parties, conferences, special occasions and holidays, especially that Turkish producing companies offer reasonable prices for export.

Importing chocolate from Turkey

Dark chocolate

Turkish companies manufacture various types of dark chocolate, in various sizes, due to the richness of dark chocolate made from the seeds of the cocoa tree, with a number of vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, copper, magnesium, and iron, in addition to containing a high amount of soluble fiber, and caffeine. , which is considered a mild stimulant.

Turkish chocolate

Chocolate with nuts

Chocolate production companies, in Turkey, are the best in providing multiple and luxurious types and sizes of chocolate mixed with nuts, which give the customer the most wonderful and delicious combination to enjoy the magic of chocolate decorated with the finest roasted and carefully selected nuts of pistachios, almonds, and hazelnuts, with great care for the outer appearance of the piece, Which gives it a luxury in taste with the attractive presentation, which provides luxury in the product and suitable for export to various countries of the world, and not only to the local market.

types of chocolate in Turkey

Chocolate with fruit flavors

Chocolate production companies in Turkey are rich in the production of many types and flavors of chocolate with original fruits, which give great options to importers, who are looking to satisfy all tastes and introduce new varieties that satisfy the desires of consumers.

dark chocolate

Chocolate covered fruits and nuts

In Turkey, chocolate producers have pioneered the manufacture of unspecified varieties and items with magical touches of dried-fruit chocolate, rich in delicious tastes of delicious orange, kiwi, apricot, and pineapple, giving a great taste, and making a variety of choices in presentation.

milk chocolate

Methods of packing chocolate by Tebadul Company

Tebadul Company is interested in assisting the importer of Turkish chocolate in choosing the quality of wrapping paper and packing method, colors and sizes, and even shapes, and multiple foods, according to what the importer wants, after reviewing all available options and prices.

Tebadul company services in the field of importing chocolate from Turkey

If you want to import chocolate from Turkey, “Tebadul” is your ideal choice. We are working to provide the necessary support in the field of exporting Turkish goods, starting with identifying the best suppliers and manufacturers and choosing the best resources in Turkey, which is known for its vastness and many options.

Thus, all negotiations are arranged to obtain the best prices and to arrange for the receipt of the goods, together with the accompanying packaging and inland shipment, leading to the export of the product to the importing country, with customs clearance and shipping facilitated by competent experts.


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