Import of Children's Toys from Turkey and Average Prices

Import of Children's Toys from Turkey and Average Prices

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About Turkey's Children's Toy Market

Turkey’s children’s toy market may be one of the world's strongest competitors for China, one of the largest international exporters in the field, perhaps based on Turkey's economic policy of raising production and export rates.

After achieving 40% self-sufficiency in Turkey's domestic market of children's toys, the Turkish Cooperative of Toy Manufacturers has moved towards international export and competition in keeping with the Turkish state's overall objectives of increasing the country's exports.

Many Turkish companies have emerged in the production of traditional and innovative children's toys, and Turkish toy production companies have been able to take up a prominent position among the brands registered in children's toys at the local and international levels.

Turks have set records in the production of digital games along with children's toys, and the exports of Turkey's digital gaming sector reached $1 billion in 2019.

Turkey ranked 16th globally and the first in the region in the manufacture and development of digital games, and experts expect exports of digital games in Turkey to reach $15 billion.

Turkey has also gone miles in the global children's toy production market, with Turkish companies establishing recreational cities, amusement parks and toy cities, and overseeing the planning and implementation of such projects with follow-up and maintenance contracts in many countries.

Turkey is, therefore, among the developed countries in the field of producing fun, playing and entertainment equipment of all kinds, from the doll in the hands of the little child to the amusement parks.

Import Children's Toys from Turkey

Why Import Children's Toys from Turkey?

Turkey has a strategic location, with advanced logistics infrastructure from airports, ports, railways and land routes that make it more professional, faster and less expensive in shipping and transportation goods from Turkey to different countries of the world.

The wide variety of children's toy production markets in Turkey is a key feature that makes it the focus of traders who want to save time and effort.

Turkish children's toys are following European and American specifications, due to trade agreements signed between Turkey and EU countries, under which most of their exports are exported to Europe.

Top Children's Toys to Import from Turkey

Children's toy products in Turkey vary in three forms:

First: Traditional Children's Toys

These include dolls, puzzle games, and jigsaw games, which are made of plastic and other materials, and Turkish products feature all international and recognizable versions, as well as innovative games in Turkey.

Second: Amusement and Entertainment Cities

Turkey has companies that produce amusement cities and theme parks from open amusement parks, indoor gyms and others of various sizes, and these parks comply with international standards in terms of quality and safety.

Turkish companies are also responsible for monitoring the development and maintenance of these cities with official contracts signed with sales and construction contracts.

Third: Video Games

Turkey has advanced internationally in this field, producing and developing digital games through mobile applications or online games.

Children's Toys in Turkey Wholesale

Prices of Children's Toys in Turkey (Wholesale)

The prices of children's toys of all kinds are reasonable and competitive globally, thanks to several different factors, the most important of which are low labour costs in Turkey, and the low cost of transportation and shipping, thereby reducing the cost of the commodity.

Turkey's children's toy market is large and diversified, with many products for major producers and suppliers both domestically and internationally.

How to Import Children's Toys from Turkey

To import children's toys from Turkey, the customer must come to Turkey to see the copies and samples displayed. If he wants his request accurately and saves time and effort, he must choose a reliable trading brokerage company with experience in the Turkish market.

The commercial brokerage company links the customer to the product and manufacturers of the goods, and the company also supervises the proper purchase process, inspects official contracts, and matches the products to the specifications.

Conditions for Importing Children's Toys from Turkey

Turkey's children's toy production sector is subject to international standards, in terms of product safety, quality and health, and is subject to environmental requirements.

Due to these international standards, official products of children's toys legally produced by companies and licensed laboratories in Turkey do not require any internal or external import and export requirements, as they comply with international standards.

Import from Turkey

Tebadul Services for Importing Children's Toys from Turkey

Tebadul International Trading in Turkey offers an integrated service package to customers wishing to import children's toy products from Turkey, where the company puts its expertise and reputation in the market in the hands of its customers, through:

  1. Offering the best suppliers and producers of toys in Turkey
  2. Providing maintenance and after-sales services for large projects from amusement cities and amusement parks
  3. Providing manufacturing services within Turkey
  4. Providing trademark services as requested by the customer
  5. Shipping and customs clearance services


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