Chicken Products in Turkey

Chicken Products in Turkey

Find out about the mechanism of importing chicken and poultry products from Turkey, with other details about the import conditions, and the development of the livestock sector in Turkey with Tebadul International Trade.

How Has the Livestock Sector in Turkey Evolved Over Years?

Livestock falls alongside the agricultural sector in Turkey, it is concerned with the breeding, use and marketing of animals of economic value in various ways, and includes the breeding of livestock such as (poultry, cows, calf, buffaloes, and horses).

Turkey's livestock sector has evolved with the tireless efforts made by the Turkish government over the past years.

To improve livestock breeds in Turkey, it was necessary to consciously expand the scope of animal health through training activities for farmers, to pay the necessary medical and health attention to livestock, to increase incentives to expand health insurance in the field of animal husbandry and to reclaim the grasslands that constitute the basic component of animal food and protection.

Authorities in Turkey have also worked to expand the breeding of livestock and barns and prevent the early slaughter and contributed to increasing the production of feed and foods on which animals feed mainly.

The measures taken by the state have contributed to the development of the livestock sector and the increase in the number of livestock in Turkey, which is confirmed by the statement of the President of the Central Union of Sheep and Goat Breeding in Turkey, Mr Nihat Celik, that the number of sheep and goats in the country exceeded 57 million during 2021.

On the other hand, the production of turkey meat increased by 15.2%, and the production of chicken meat by 14.3% during the first two months of 2022, and the production of chicken meat in Turkey reached 180 thousand and 53 tons, while the production of chicken eggs reached 1.56 billion eggs during the mentioned period.

What Stands out for the Poultry Farming and Industry Sector in Turkey?

The poultry breeding and industry sector in Turkey is characterized by:

  • A strong and durable ground that contributes to poultry farming in Turkey.
  • Ideal conditions that ensure the success of animal husbandry projects in the Turkish states.
  • The spread of land and geographical areas that are suitable for the establishment of projects of animal husbandry in various Turkish states, especially in the regions of central Anatolia and the regions of the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea.
  • Developments in livestock sectors have led to a significant increase in livestock in the country.
  • Use of healthy food following international standards in livestock breeding.
  • The use of modern technologies that contribute to the development of the livestock sector and poultry industry in Turkey.
  • The ease of importing from Turkey and exporting outside the country, and the great value it adds to the Turkish economy.

Chicken Products in Turkey

What are the Most Important Poultry Products to Import from Turkey?

Poultry farming is the most advanced and tech-friendly in the livestock sector, the world's largest trump card in bridging the gap in animal protein. 

Poultry products manufactured in Turkey are of high nutritional value, low cost, ease of production, preparation and import from Turkey. The most important animal products to import from Turkey include:

  • Mortadella and sausages of all kinds fresh, frozen and canned
  • Fresh, frozen and canned chicken and turkey meat
  • All materials prepared from chicken products of all kinds and forms

How to Import Chicken Products from Turkey

As mentioned earlier in this article, the regions of central Anatolia and the Marmara region are the main incubator where livestock is abundant in general and poultry farming is particularly active, as there are many factories, poultry and investment projects in the states of Manisa, Sakarya and Afyon Karahisar.

What encourages the establishment of such investment projects of poultry and farms is suitable conditions, such as the appropriate atmosphere, geographical area and tools for such projects.

The figures and statistics issued by the Directorate of Poultry Farming indicate that the first 5 provinces concerned with poultry farming in Turkey are:

  • Manisa with 43,905,636 birds
  • Balikesir with 34.506,681 birds
  • Sakarya with 28,656,326 birds
  • Bolu with 25,733,548 birds.
  • Afyon Karahisar with 19,108,151 birds

In addition, there are many factories in the central Anatolian regions in general and Istanbul in particular, and are interested in supplying all kinds of frozen, canned and fresh meat and processed poultry products to the countries of the Middle East and the European Union.

Average Prices of Chicken Products in Turkey (Wholesale)

You can contact the representatives of Tebadul International Trading Company to find out full details about the wholesale prices of chicken products in Turkey, as well as more details about the available products and shipping methods.

Methods and Conditions for Importing Chicken Products from Turkey

Chicken products can be imported from Turkey in 3 ways:

  1. You can come to Turkey and search for safe resources for chicken products, choose the best supplier, then negotiate prices, research customs clearance processes and find out about customs laws, then import from Turkey with one of the shipping methods: land, sea or air.
  2. Online shopping: It is one of the fastest ways to import from Turkey, but somehow risky.
  3. Dealing with commercial brokerage companies: This method is one of the safest ways. The importer gives an official power of attorney to one of the brokerage companies and assigns it to communicate with suppliers, negotiate prices, choose the best products, conduct customs clearance transactions, and supply goods.

Chicken Import from Turkey

How  Can Tebadul Help You Import Chicken Products from Turkey?

With the use of modern technologies in the agricultural sectors, the livestock sector has developed, and agricultural projects have increased, as the number of chickens in all Turkish states has reached 350 million chickens according to official statistics.

In addition, an increase in the number of turkeys raised on farms has been observed, which has reached 4 million across the country and formed together with other poultry species an important source of income.

In this context, Tebadul International Trade works to secure all the conditions for the import of chicken from Turkey to various countries in the world, providing integrated services. It works to choose the best products at the most appropriate prices. Not to mention, it offers shipping and customs clearance services, carried out by specialists in Turkish customs affairs.


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