Importing Turkish Electrical Appliances

Importing Turkish Electrical Appliances

Find out about Turkish electrical appliances, how to import them from Turkey, and the conditions required for import with Tebadul International Trade in the following lines:

About the Electrical Appliances Industry in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important countries in the manufacture of electrical appliances globally and was able to compete with the European markets in terms of quality and featured designs. 

Moreover, Turkey has all the raw materials and the most important basic ingredients necessary for the manufacture of electrical appliances, which lead to a significant jump in Turkish exports in recent years.

Turkey's revenues from exports of electrical and electronic products exceeded $ 6 billion during the first half of this year. The United Kingdom topped the list of countries that import the most Turkish products with $ 988.6 million, followed by Germany with $ 652.6 million, and France with $ 463.3 million.

What Stands out for Turkish Electrical Appliances?

Turkey has a variety of electrical appliances of famous brands locally and internationally, with top quality specifications, conforming to international standards.

Manufacturers and major brands compete in the electrical appliance industry in Turkey, offering the best products, machines, and devices with attractive designs, multiple colours, different shapes, affordable prices, and specifications that meet all needs.

Turkish Electrical Appliances

Top Electrical Appliances to Import from Turkey

Turkey offers all types of electrical appliances that save time and effort for the whole family. Various types of electrical appliances can be imported from Turkey by Tebadul International Trade. Here are the most prominent electrical appliances:

  • Washing Machine
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Ironing Machine
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Electric Heater
  • Air Conditioner
  • Microwave
  • Fridge

There are also many electrical appliances used for domestic and industrial purposes within factories and workshops, which provide great benefits and save time and effort.

How to Import Electrical Appliances from Turkey

Importing electrical appliances from Turkey requires an adequate and comprehensive study of the local market, then determining the products to be imported, taking into account the quality, prices and conditions necessary for importing from Turkey and the importing country.

Wholesalers wishing to import electrical appliances from Turkey can contact our representatives at Tebadul International Trading Company to get full information about how to import these devices and learn about all the details related to the import process.

Average Prices of Electrical Appliances in Turkey (Wholesale)

It is not possible to determine a fixed average of the wholesale prices of electrical appliances in Turkey, as prices vary according to the nature of the products, the standards followed and the degree of quality used in the manufacturing process. But, in general, the prices of electrical appliances in Turkey are very reasonable compared to other European countries, especially with the great activity of Turkish markets in export operations, where Turkish exports of devices of various kinds abound to European, North African and Arab markets.

Conditions and Steps for Importing Electrical Appliances from Turkey

Electrical appliances can be imported from Turkey by Tebadul International Trading Company, which plays the role of reliable commercial brokerage in the Turkish markets. Tebadul has sufficient experience and great knowledge of the most famous manufacturers in this sector.

Tebadul offers you all the necessary information about the steps to be followed to import electrical appliances from Turkey and explains in detail the necessary papers for supply and customs clearance.

For more information about the conditions for importing electrical appliances from Turkey, you can contact our office in Istanbul.

Tebadul Services Regarding the Import of Electrical Appliances from Turkey

Tebadul provides the necessary support in the field of exporting electrical appliances from Turkey, identifying the best suppliers and manufacturers working in the electrical appliances sector in Turkey.

Tebadul Company negotiates prices to obtain the appropriate price and to achieve the best return for the importer while ensuring that the required specifications are obtained for the products to be imported.

Tebadul Company is keen to provide a group of specialists in the field of customs clearance, to clear electrical appliances from Turkish customs according to legal methods in the shortest possible period.

Tebadul Company studies the best shipping lines for the importer and the point of receipt and delivery

One of the services provided by Tebadul to wholesalers is offering trademarks for importers, starting from the choice of the product, and ending with the registration certificate of the approved brand of the importer.

Importing Electrical Appliances from Turkey

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