Wholesale Import from Turkey: Steps and Tips

Wholesale Import from Turkey: Steps and Tips

After Turkey has become an important centre for the import of goods, equipment and industrial tools, it has become necessary to indicate the steps, and the most important tips to importers.

Why Import Goods in Bulk from Turkey?

Turkey is currently one of the great and developed countries in the production of various goods, proving it deserves the position it has held.

Importers can find the productive sectors in Turkey fast and active, the required quantities are delivered promptly and manufactured by experts and professionals, in addition to the competitive and appropriate price.

Steps to Wholesale Import from Turkey

The import process must have important and deliberate steps to ensure its success; these steps are summarized as follows:

First: Choose one of three ways to import from Turkey, taking into account the advantages of routes, in terms of speed, quality and costs, namely:

  • The importer must travel himself to inspect the goods in Turkey.
  • Import through an intermediary: Commercial companies such as Tebadul Company can be an important intermediary for such a delicate process.
  • Importing from Turkey via the Internet, which is an easy way, but fraught with the risk of circumventing fake sites.

Second: Determine the specifications of the product or commodity that the importer wishes to order from Turkey, given the diversity of options of one product for the same company.

Third: Determine the port of shipment to which the investor wishes his goods to arrive, and it is necessary to have the documents related to the shipments to prove their ownership.

Fourth: Ensure that customs dues are paid, so as not to be exposed to legal problems.

The following are details of the steps to wholesale import from Turkey:

Find the Best Product to Import from Turkey

Since competition is strong between companies and factories, products vary in specifications and quality, so it is crucial to look for the best competing product.

Find the Most Suitable Supplier in terms of Quality and Price

Importers are interested in two basic things to complete a successful import transaction, namely: quality and price.

Dealing with Packaging Companies

An important step is to choose the right company to pack products, to ensure their safety and not be exposed to damage.

Verification of Purchase Contracts and Legal Matters

Documents and contracts in such operations are very important, importers have to ensure that the purchase contracts are legal, and complete the documents required for the shipping and import process.

Handle Customs Broker for Shipping Goods

The arrival of goods is often delayed due to the customs clearance process, but if the importer deals with a professional company, it will ensure that the goods arrive on time without obstacles leading to delays.

Wholesale Import from Turkey

Dealing with Featured Shipping Companies

Similarly, the company that will ship the goods must be trustful as the safety of the goods is associated with dealing with a distinctive shipping company that ensures that the shipments arrive in the best way and promptly.

The Advantage of Dealing with Commercial Brokerage Companies for Wholesale Import from Turkey?

For investors who want to import from Turkey, and ensure product arrival as required, the best way to do so is to authorize a commercial brokerage company to transport and ship any kind of goods and products.

Tebadul Trading Company is your most suitable choice, we strive to provide everything necessary for exporting Turkish goods.

 We provide information on the best suppliers and producers to choose the best resources known in Turkey for their fame and quality and get the best prices.

We also follow up on packaging and internal shipping processes and provide facilities related to customs clearance and shipping by specialized experts.

Tebadul Tips for Wholesale Importing From Turkey

Through our years of experience in the trade in Turkey, we can provide important tips for importers from Turkey summarized in the following points:

  • Identify imported products before shipping or receiving them.
  • Identify all the documents and papers required to complete the import process from Turkey.
  • Write the contract with the commercial company clearly, and specify the prices and specifications of the products.
  • Determine the payment methods, shipping process and customs clearance prices.
  • Write the address of the place where the receipt will take place, to facilitate the process of shipping goods, and this must be mentioned in the import and export contract in Turkey.
  • Agree on the dates on which the goods will be delivered, and in case of delay, there will be a fine on the company.


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