Importing shoes from Turkey: wholesale trade

Importing shoes from Turkey: wholesale trade

The shoe industry in Turkey has become one of the famous industries, which is popular in the Arab world, as traders went to the Turkish market, with the purpose of investing in the shoe trade from Turkey.

What are the advantages of Turkish shoes?

The Turkish shoe industry has made great progress over the past years, and the products of high-quality shoes have been leading abroad. Because of the development of machines that produce these shoes, and the number of factories that manufacture shoes according to international standards.

The Turkish shoe industry is a main part of the world of fashion and Turkish shoe manufacturers compete with international companies, with the quality and strength of the shoes that are manufactured on the one hand, and the achievement of a large number of exports in this sector on the other hand.

The Turkish shoe industry is characterized by flexibility, manufacturing quality, and design strength. This has a significant impact on a large number of exports to neighboring countries in particular.

Genuine leather is used as one of the most important components and raw materials in the manufacturing process, which is preferred by all customers these days, due to the comfort it provides while walking, and what contributes to the use of this shoe for a long time.

Turkey has in the field of shoe trade, many types, and varieties, some of which are cheap commercial, and some are made of luxurious genuine leather, in addition to the variety of colors and distinctive designs, which meet all tastes.

The shoe trade in the Turkish commercial market is also characterized by having many famous international brands, such as Adidas, Nike, and other international brands.

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Shoe trade from Turkey

What types of Turkish shoes does Tebadul Company provide?

After the great development that the local market witnessed in the shoe industry, entering into competition with international companies was necessary. Manufacturing many types of Turkish shoes in wholesale, and we’ll mention the types of Turkish shoes that Tebadul Company provides to consumers in general as follows:

Turkish men's shoes

The best brands of Turkish men's shoes, which guarantee long-term use and comfort, are available at Tebadul Company, which includes modern men's shoe models suitable for different seasons.

Tebadul Company provides Turkish men's shoes while making shoe shopping more enjoyable than ever. Thanks to its wide range of products, and affordable men's shoe options, where you can easily buy the models that suit your needs, from the options of men's shoes that you prefer.

Sneaker models developed specifically for sports activities help you perform your sports hobbies that you care about professionally and safely. You can find men's shoes with more sports lines, provide you with absolute comfort in everyday uses, or do some sports events.

Also, you can easily find the model that suits your needs, among the models that use low or high slippers, twist around the ankle or end up just below the ankle.

importing shoes from Turkey

Turkish women's shoes

When it comes to special events, sporting activities, daily uses, and working life, some footwear that suits those situations in your life must be available. Tebadul Company offers a variety of Turkish women's shoes suitable for all situations, styles, and events blending the classic and modern designs of the most famous women's shoe brands.

Classic women shoe models that never run out of Tebadul Company are among the indispensable elements of every era. Comfortable flat ballet shoes, elegantly designed heels, and high-heeled shoes are among the models of women's shoes, which must be owned by all women.

Women's sneakers often preferred in sports activities such as walking and running, in daily life, traveling, or in the office, make you feel comfortable all day.

Especially, the design of Turkish women's shoe brands, and their sneaker models with different technical features, such as a lined skinny sneaker, equally distribute body load and absorbs pressure which positively affects foot health and walking performance.

You can also easily find Turkish women's shoe models, suitable for your changing needs through Tebadul Company.

Women's summer shoes such as sandals and slippers also prevent sweating thanks to their body structure, which allows feet to breathe in hot summers.

Women's winter shoe models, such as boots and women's boots, are designed to provide superior protection with their durable materials and non-slip soles. Women's waterproof outdoor shoes are preferred in winter.

In the world of Turkish women's shoes, there are women's shoe models to suit every taste and every budget. You can find various kinds of shoes with reasonable prices, famous brands by Tebadul Company for import and export.

Wholesale Turkish shoes

Turkish baby shoes

We provide our children with special offers from Turkish baby shoes, so if you want to make your child happy, you should take advantage of the opportunity to shop in Tebadul Company.

You will certainly find many kinds of Turkish baby shoes, and the children will be impressed, and everyone will be satisfied.

There are many products from sneakers to classic school shoes, and there are top-quality brands now waiting for their young owners. Hurry up to buy models of suitable Turkish baby shoes for each budget with privileged opportunities by Tebadul Company.

Turkish baby shoes

Sneakers in Turkey

Sneakers in Turkey are among the most ideal types of shoes for the comfort of the feet, because the most important thing you can do about the health of your feet is to choose the right shoes for them.

Sports shoes are among the shoes that have many uses, which you can use in your daily life, sports activities, and working life for a long time.

The reason for the great demand for this type of shoes is its comfortable and light construction, which allows comfort when using, as well as adapting to more styles of clothes.

Models of women's sneakers, men's shoes, and children's sneakers, produced by various brands, are introduced by providing them with appropriate features for their production purposes.

Before choosing these kinds of shoes, you have to identify your needs first, so if you're looking for a product that fits your everyday wear style, you'll find different alternatives for women and men to every day sneakers.

Shoes and sneakers are among the most favorite products of men, who love football. Choosing suitable shoes is also very important for children; choosing a sneaker model for children, defined by the field of use, protects your child from problems with foot health and allows him/her to move comfortably throughout the day.

Turkish sneakers are made of high-quality raw materials and have features that can prevent twists in sporting activities.

There are types of Turkish sneakers that have toothpicks suitable for grass, shoes made of small fingernails, and football shoes used in indoor stadiums without nails.

When buying Turkish sneakers, it is important to make a choice not to bother the foot and balance while playing.

Sneakers in Turkey

Leather shoes: Turkish shoes; Genuine leather

Genuine leather shoes have higher quality and more beautiful appearance, these shoes have natural small bumps in the texture of the leather, and they have a smooth surface in the shoes, the genuine leather in the shoes looks more durable, and it is not easily torn and deformed.

Shoes with genuine leather have different surfaces, characterized by striped tissue, and are different from artificial leather.

Turkish shoes

Importing shoes from Turkey by Tebadul company: What services do we provide?

Tebadul Company provides for the import of shoes from Turkey to countries in the Middle East and around the world, with high-quality specifications and global transport services, our services in Tebadul are professional and credible and the services provided can be explained by the following:

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Tebadul Company offers a distinguished group of other products as part of its services in the field of wholesale trade and import from Turkey as follows:


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