Import Men's Orthopaedic Shoes from Turkey

Import Men's Orthopaedic Shoes from Turkey
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What Stands out for Men's Orthopaedic Shoes in Turkey?

Turkish factories specialising in the production of orthopaedic shoes have gained the confidence of major European and international brands that produce orthopaedic shoes of all kinds.

Companies transferred their production processes to Turkey, thanks to the efficiency of production lines in Turkey and the experience of the workforce, and the conformity of manufacturing quality to recognized international standards.

Turkish factories that produce men's orthopaedic shoes have also emerged in manufacturing all types of orthopaedic shoes, or parts related to orthopaedic shoes such as different types of sock liners, shoe moulds for curvatures or problems suffered by the foot, in addition to types of treating shoes for patients, such as bone and joint diseases and those related to growth problems and orthotics, even shoes specialized in care, especially diabetic feet.

Men's orthopaedic shoes, made in Turkey, are not limited to sports shoes only, but also include formal shoes and luxurious leather shoes, in addition to innovative designs that keep pace with the latest fashion.

The most important feature of the men's orthopaedic shoe industry in Turkey is the commitment to health standards related to the raw materials for the manufacture of shoe sock liner moulds or orthopaedic shoe structures, as these basic components are natural and harmless to the environment and human health.

Turkish factories are working to produce men's orthopaedic shoes from innovative compounds and materials featuring high quality and long life, in addition to other factors related to the health of the feet and the absence of unpleasant odours.

Men's orthopaedic shoes, made in Turkey, are of two types, some of which are intended for the summer and hot weather, and some of which are intended for the winter season and cold weather and rain.

Wholesale Men's Orthopaedic Shoes

Why Choose Turkey to Import Men's Orthopaedic Shoes?

During the last two decades, Turkey has created a competitive position among the major exporters of products around the world and has positioned itself as an essential station on global supply chains, taking advantage of its featured geographical location and advanced infrastructure of ports, roads, railways and airports.

The country has also worked to increase the volume of production while reducing the cost of manufacturing, by relying on several different factors, such as producing raw materials locally and relying on energy from national resources.

Therefore, Turkish products have emerged as commodities that witness a great demand from importing traders around the world, based on their quality and competitive prices, in addition to the low cost of shipping and transportation from Turkey to various countries of the world.

Among these commodities were men's orthopaedic shoes, which were very popular in the European and international markets, as the European Union countries are one of the most countries that import orthopaedic men's shoes from Turkey.

Wholesale Prices of Men's Orthopaedic Shoes in Turkey

The wholesale prices of men's orthopaedic shoes made in Turkey are competitive compared to shoes made in other countries, thanks to the low cost of transporting and shipping goods from Turkey to various countries of the world compared to transportation costs in other countries, in addition to the low cost of production in general in the country due to several diverse factors.

The prices of men's orthopaedic shoes made in Turkey vary based on the quality and brand, in addition to the extent of innovation and the shoe's achievement of the medical and therapeutic gains of the foot.

Top Companies and Factories of Men's Orthopaedic Shoes in Turkey

Tebadul International Trade connects importers from all over the world to the top companies and factories of men's orthopaedic shoes in Turkey.

Tebadul is one of the most important commercial brokerage companies in Turkey, which has business partnerships with many Turkish production lines and factories in various sectors.

Top men's orthopaedic shoe factories in Turkey include:

- Byguru Company

One of the oldest Turkish factories specialising in the manufacture of orthopaedic shoes, founded in Istanbul in 1968, produces men's orthopaedic shoes for diabetics, shoes for doctors and nurses, and other types of various orthopaedic shoes.

- Forelli Company

One of the companies specialized in the production of orthopaedic shoes, and the company manufactures different models of men's and women's orthopaedic shoes, located in the Arnavutkoy area in Istanbul.

- Komcero Company

The company has been operating since 1962, and its products target the European, American and Middle East markets, and its shoes are characterized by high quality.

Ways and Steps to Import Men's Orthopaedic Shoes from Turkey

The successful steps of importing men's orthopaedic shoes from Turkey are related to the optimal choice of a commercial brokerage company in the country.

Tebadul Trading Company stands out as one of the best import companies operating in Turkey.

The steps of the successful import process in Turkey for men's orthopaedic shoe products are as follows:

  • - Communicate with Tebadul International Trade and Services Company
  • - Determine the product and specifications required accurately
  • - Come to Turkey to see product details and purchase and sale contracts
  • - Legal sponsorship of contracts, purchase and payment agreements by Tebadul experts
  • - Conformity of specifications for products upon receipt
  • - Product packaging
  • - Customs clearance, shipping and export
  • - The possibility of re-exporting again to the same customer without coming to Turkey
  • - The possibility of granting special commercial agencies to importing customers wishing to do so

Men's Orthopaedic Shoes in Turkey

Conditions for Importing Men's Orthopaedic Shoes from Turkey and the Required Papers

Turkish laws do not impose restrictive conditions for the export of men's orthopaedic shoes to any country around the world, rather the export operations require regular procedures to be carried out by the local commercial brokerage company contracted by the importing customer.

These procedures include customs clearance and registration of products and their compliance with Turkish standard specifications, in addition to registration certificates and official papers recognized before export.

Tebadul Company Services Regarding the Import of Men's Orthopaedic Shoes from Turkey

Tebadul International Trade and services is a reliable commercial broker, offering complete and comprehensive services to all customers from international importers. 

Tebadul provides logistical services, shipping and packaging of products, as well as connecting importers to the production source of the desired commodity, providing the required quantities, with legal care for payments, purchase contracts, receipts and delivery vouchers.

Based on Tebadul's experience in the Turkish market, the platform has enjoyed making partnerships with many production lines and factories in Turkey in various fields and sectors.

This enabled it to be able to grant special commercial agencies to importers, in addition to the company's own products manufactured for Tebadul such as energy drink DNA, and other products.

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