How to Import from Turkey to Ireland Ordering and Shipping

How to Import from Turkey to Ireland Ordering and Shipping

Free Trade Agreement between Turkey and Ireland

There is a great demand for importing from Turkey, the sixth-largest economy in Europe.

With a quickly expanding economy, direct trade routes, a government eager to promote commerce, and a strategic location between Europe and Asia, Turkey has established itself as an important trading partner for Ireland.

Advantages of Importing from Turkey to Ireland

Prices and Quality

Turkish products are known for their quality, conformity to international specifications, and low prices. Not to mention, it is very easy to import them.

Wide Variety of Goods and Products Suppliers

After the dramatic fall of the Turkish Lira, it is no secret that Turkey is a cheap country for exporters. There are many manufacturers in Turkey with cheaper prices than ever in 2022.

Legal Requirements to Import from Turkey

Turkey Customs Tariff 2024

Four product types in Turkey are subject to a specific consumption tax, with varying tax rates depending on the GTIP numbers (tariff numbers). Special consumption tax, in contrast to VAT, is often only assessed once per delivery.

How Much is the Import Tax from Turkey to Ireland?

The general rate is 18%. VAT payable on local purchases and on imports is regarded as 'input VAT', and VAT calculated and collected on sales is considered 'output VAT'.

Import Procedures from Turkey

To import from Turkey and go through customs, you need an invoice and a packing list Sometimes also a certificate of origin or other documents e.g., a certificate of compliance, are needed. While importing from Turkey you must also have documents confirming the preferential status of goods.

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Shipping Options

Shipping Cost from Turkey to Ireland

In most cases, couriers price their services by package weight or size, whichever is larger. This is calculated using a calculation which is called 'Volumetric Weight'. The main exception is flat rate services, which charge a flat fee for packages that are using specific boxes. In those cases, the price would be the same if you are shipping a box of concrete or a box of feathers.

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Cheapest Shipping Way from Turkey to Ireland

Turkey is located within a strategic geographical location on the international map, making it an important link between the continents of Asia and Europe, and a central country on global supply lines and chains.

Turkey and Ireland had historical relations based on the principle of good neighbourliness, trade cooperation and facilitating the movement of goods and products until the understanding culminated in the signing of the customs union agreement between Turkey and Ireland.

Sea freight is one of the most cost-effective transit options for importers and exporters. Although it moves more slowly than air or rail freight, it is also more economical, particularly for large loads.

Shipping Time from Turkey to Ireland

Is it difficult to find the right supplier and product?

Is it time-consuming to go through the whole legal process of trade?

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