Import Costs and Routes from Turkey to Germany 2024

Import Costs and Routes from Turkey to Germany 2024

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How to Import from Turkey to Germany

Germany rose to the top of the most importing countries of Turkish products in 2021, Germany won a quarter of Turkish exports to EU countries, Turkish exports reached $18 billion during the same year, and trade between the two countries reached $41 billion in 2022.

Turkey and Germany are strategic partners in trade and investment, with the two countries linked to trade cooperation agreements and a customs union, as well as a joint chamber of commerce.

Import Conditions from Turkey to Germany

Turkish and German trade relations have several agreements, including only those allocated between the two countries, and Turkey's agreement with EU countries, of which Germany is one of the most important countries.

The rules and conditions of import and export between Germany and Turkey are adhered to following the terms of the agreements signed between the two countries.

The Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry regulates trade between the two countries, but in general, the terms of export from Turkey to Germany are easy and uncomplicated conditions. Trade agreements between the two countries are based solely on regulation and facilitating trade exchanges and cooperation between Turkey and Germany.

Anyone wishing to import from Turkey to Germany sets aside the requirements when selecting a reputable and experienced trading brokerage firm in the Turkish market, as the commercial brokerage firms process and overcome all obstacles to exports from Turkey to Germany, and provide the best services to importers from Turkey.

What are the Most Important Products Germany Imports from Turkey?

According to official statistics by the President of the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry Markus Slevogt, the volume of Turkish exports to Germany during the past 2021 reached $18 billion, noting that 17.1 billion of them were from the industrial sector.

Speaking to the official Anadolu news agency, Slevogt said Turkey's most important exports to Germany were from the automotive sector and spare parts, electric cars and various machinery.

Food, agricultural products and clothing, as well as the industrial sector, are among the most important products imported by Germany from Turkey, according to statistical data on the type and volume of trade between the two countries.

Import from Turkey to Germany

How to Ship from Turkey to Germany

Imports from Turkey and export to Germany are made in several ways, the most important of which are:

Air freight from Turkey to Germany

The fastest type of freight between the two countries, often from Ataturk Airport to various airports in Germany.

Land freight from Turkey to Germany

Driven by road transport trucks from all states of Turkey towards international land routes linking Turkey to European countries, such as Greece, Georgia and Bulgaria, it is the most common and commonly used method of shipping between Turkey and Germany.

Shipping Costs from Turkey to Germany

Due to the proximity between the two countries and trade cooperation agreements between Turkey and the EU, shipping costs from Turkey to Germany are relatively low.

Land freight is the most common and cheapest type of freight used between the two countries, and air freight is the fastest but the most expensive.

Shipping companies in Turkey offer the best deals and prices on shipping costs from Turkey to Germany, whether land or air freight and commercial brokerage firms are providing the best offers available to their customers imported from Turkey.

The Best Import Companies from Turkey to Germany and Tebadul Company Services

Companies that provide export and shipping services from Turkey to Germany compete with each other by providing the best services, prices and offers.

Many companies have proven their ability to satisfy customers, providing their services with high professionalism in providing products, packaging, customs clearance, shipping and matching specifications for products.

Tebadul International Trade is one of the best companies to export Turkish products to Germany, provides everything the importer wants, and works on a successful import process starting from choosing the best products at the best prices and the best shipping methods at the lowest cost until they are received by the importer.


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