Easy Way to Import from Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Easy Way to Import from Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Simple Guide to Import from Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkey is a developing nation with a critical location connecting Europe and Asia. Turkey is among the top 30 exporters and importers worldwide, according to exports and imports.

In general, people want to know everything there is to know about import procedures.

Why Import from Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkish goods now compete with those from other European nations as a result of Turkey's tremendous industrial growth. Globally, the Turkish industry has a strong presence.

Because Turkish wholesale commerce is defined by the following, many different Turkish products have witnessed a significant increase in demand from overseas importers:

  • The Turkish market is open and offers a range of goods.
  • A number of factories utilizing cutting-edge production techniques.
  • Products of the highest calibre that adhere to global standards.
  • Reasonably priced goods in comparison to other European nations.
  • A wide range of possibilities for goods and items, including several high-quality options.
  • Simple import processes and excellent customs clearance flexibility.
  • A variety of import routes, including highways, airports, and seaports.
High-Quality Products at Low Prices

Turkish goods are renowned for their high quality, compliance with international standards, and competitive pricing. Not to mention, importing them is incredibly simple.

Variable Suppliers

The industries and businesses in Turkey export a wide range of commodities and products to other countries.

Turkey is a cheap country for exporters, as is evident from the precipitous decline of the Turkish Lira. In 2022, there are several manufacturers in Turkey offering costs that are lower than before.

At Tebadul International Trade, we facilitate your business, connect you with the major suppliers of products, and provide a variety of services.

How to import from Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina?

You are welcome to travel to Turkey and check out the most significant businesses and markets. After that, you must select the items, make the necessary payments, and handle the delivery.

  • You can work with an intermediary who completes the transaction on your behalf, whether they are a person or a firm. We strongly advise picking businesses since they are safer.

Legal Requirements to Import from Turkey?

Customs Clearance and Taxation

In general, purchasing items from Turkey is considered an intra-community transaction. Therefore, further customs fees are not necessary.

The commercial invoice serves as proof of the transactions between the exporter and the importer. A commercial invoice is sent by the exporter to the importer once the products are prepared in order to collect payment for them.

The crucial information about the transaction is included in the business invoice, which is always required for customs clearance.

Despite the addition of various pieces of information pertinent to the export-import transaction, it is equivalent to a conventional sales invoice.

The bare minimum information that is frequently provided is as follows:

  • Information on the exporter and the importer (name and address)
  • Date of issue
  • Invoice number
  • Description of the goods (name, quality, etc.)
  • Unit of measure
  • Quantity of goods
  • Unit value
  • Total item value
  • Total invoice value and currency of payment. The equivalent amount must be indicated in a currency freely convertible to Euro or other legal tenders in the importing Member State
  • The terms of payment (method and date of payment, discounts, etc.)
  • The terms of delivery according to the appropriate Incoterm
  • Means of transport

Shipping Options

Air Freight

A swift and dependable choice for sending and receiving a variety of freight shipments to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Perfect for pallets and shipping boxes that weigh between 250 and 3.500 pounds.

Sea Freight

The most effective and economical way to ship goods from Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Perfect for shipping pallets, entire container loads, and boxes weighing between 250 and 45.000 pounds.

How Tebadul could help you import your products?

Turkish exports set new milestones in the first five months of 2022, and the country's international trade volume rose by 31.1% in May to reach $48.6 billion.

Based on the aforementioned information, it can be concluded that Tebadul International Trading has been crucial in recent years in providing complete commercial services to importers during imports from Turkey.

Tebadul can provide importers with all relevant information on import procedures, all available alternatives and specifications, the simplest way to select a product and manufacturer at an affordable price, as well as shipping, sorting, packing, and customs clearing services.

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