Easy Way to Import from Turkey to Australia

Easy Way to Import from Turkey to Australia
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Turkey-Australia Economic and Trade Relations

Australian FDI in Turkey is 700 million USD, and 248 Australian-owned businesses are working here, according to information from the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey. According to data from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Turkey's FDI in Australia was 18 million USD.

The main export items of Turkey are grape, hazelnut, apricot, diesel/half diesel vehicles, and white appliances, while the main import items of Turkey are gold, coal, medicines, cattle, and buckwheat.

Advantages of Importing from Turkey to Australia

Turkey has a competitive advantage in a variety of industries, thanks to its wealth of natural resources, strategic location close to export markets, and sizeable domestic market.

Variety of Suppliers

Turkey’s factories and companies export a variety of goods and products worldwide.

After the dramatic fall of the Turkish Lira, it is no secret that Turkey is a cheap country for exporters. There are many manufacturers in Turkey with cheaper prices than ever in 2022.

At Tebadul International Trade, we help you connect with the main resources of products, facilitate your business, and offer a range of services.

Low Prices and High-Quality Products

Turkish products are known for their quality, conformity to international specifications, and low prices. Not to mention, it is very easy to import them.

Legal Requirements to Import from Turkey

Turkey Customs

In most cases, import from Turkey is treated as an intra-Community acquisition of goods. Therefore, it does not require extra customs charges.


Four product types in Turkey are subject to a specific consumption tax, with varying tax rates depending on the GTIP numbers (tariff numbers). Special consumption tax, in contrast to VAT, is often only assessed once per delivery.


The exporter and importer's transactions are documented or attested to by the commercial invoice. When the items are ready, the exporter sends the importer a commercial invoice to collect payment for the goods.

The commercial invoice, which always has to be submitted for customs clearance, comprises the essential details of the transaction.

It is comparable to a standard sales invoice, notwithstanding the addition of several pieces of information relevant to the export-import transaction. The following are the minimal data that are often included:

  • Information on the exporter and the importer (name and address)
  • Date of issue
  • Invoice number
  • Description of the goods (name, quality, etc.)
  • Unit of measure
  • Quantity of goods
  • Unit value
  • Total item value
  • Total invoice value and currency of payment. The equivalent amount must be indicated in a currency freely convertible to Euro or other legal tenders in the importing Member State
  • The terms of payment (method and date of payment, discounts, etc.)
  • The terms of delivery according to the appropriate Incoterm
  • Means of transport

What Should I Do to Import from Turkey to Australia?

After Turkey has become an important centre for the import of goods, equipment and industrial tools, it has become necessary to indicate the steps, and the most important tips to importers.

Here is what you need to do to import from Turkey

Shipping Cost and Time

If you're thinking of shipping your belongings by sea freight, which we recommend, since it's typically much cheaper than air freight, and just as safe – you can expect to pay around £9,000 ($12,400) for a 20-foot container, and £17,000 ($23,500) for a 40-foot container.

For more information about the costs of shipping from Turkey to Australia, feel free to contact Tebadul International Trade.

Shipping Ways

It should be easy to ship your items to Australia. They can be delivered by air or water. The land is not an option. But do not worry. A "sea-locked" country is a reachable country in the realm of shipping.

Even though air shipping is typically faster than sea shipment, it is also more expensive. A well-planned relocation may go a long way.

Door-to-door shipping is a norm in international freight and is the most practical choice for a sizable overseas relocation, particularly to a big country like Australia.

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