Import from Turkey with Tebadul International Trade Company

Import from Turkey with Tebadul International Trade Company

In recent years, Turkey has managed to be in a prominent position among the largest economies around the world. Many sectors in Turkey have witnessed significant and remarkable growth that has drawn the attention of the entire world, perhaps, the most important of which is the industrial sector as the Turkish product has become a great competitor around the world by achieving the difficult profit formula, which is providing the best quality of the product at its most appropriate price, which has increased the demand for import from Turkey.

At the same time, the Turkish government has taken successive measures to encourage the industrial sectors and accelerate the industry in general, and this has attracted huge investments that led to the recovery of the Turkish industry in record time, by establishing giant factories and huge industrial zones in various Turkish cities.

Why do I choose to import my goods from Turkey?

The Turkish market abounds in products that have claimed their positions in the global markets like the food industries that Turkey is very famous for, the manufacturing of different fabrics and textiles, and the ready-made clothes due to the long experience of Turkey in the fashion field and the fashion industry, in fact, Turkey has always been and still is, one of the most countries of the world that excelled in this sector.

The regional and international commercial companies are choosing the Turkish product not only because of the quality of the product and its competitive price, but also because of Turkey's distinguished location in the world, the ease of shipping from it, and the export sector's supporting laws, all of these reasons have been the main factors for the major companies to import their needs from Turkey, whereby doing so, they can save part of the shipping costs and the cargo will arrive faster.

The labor force in Turkey is also known for its skill, as many factories in Turkey manufacture products for their customers according to the conditions and specifications they require, in addition to finding solutions and technologies necessary for manufacturing.

What are the best goods to import from Turkey?

Many new industries have emerged and Turkey has been distinguished by them at the global level such as manufacturing building and construction materials and medical equipment, along with its great development in the food field of all kinds, as Turkey holds the lion's share globally in some food sectors like hazelnuts and some other products.

Also, Turkey has excelled in some modern industries such as the manufacture of cars, boats, and luxury yachts in addition to electronics, very high-efficiency computers, several kinds of production lines, and many other important industries that cannot be counted in these lines.

Perhaps the most prominent of these Turkish products and industrial sectors are:

  1. Food and agricultural industries: Many important food products are available in Turkey whether raw or manufactured products, as Turkey is benefiting from its very large agricultural land area, multiple water resources, and natural environment which is suitable for the abundant and diversification of production, this has allowed the agricultural products to be available in other than their usual seasons in the neighboring countries sometimes, and in turn, raised the figures of importing from Turkey for these types of goods.

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  2. Household electrical appliances: This is a market in which Turkey competes the entire world and its name quickly emerged in it, nowadays, the Turkish household electrical products and tools have been available in all European markets in a way that is difficult to compete with, and the Turkish brands became a popular market in the Arab Gulf as well.
  3. Textile and clothing industries: This is an original and ancient industry in Turkey linked to the origins of Turkish culture, for example, the Turkish carpet industry which production stages have evolved in Turkey throughout history are still competing with their global counterparts, and the Turkish clothing market is considered a very vast market that the world heads to due to its quality and ability to compete.
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  4. Shoe manufacturing: This market is very developed and parallel to the clothing industry in Turkey.
  5. Technology and information: It is a modern industry that Turkey insists on reserving its place in the global markets quickly by supporting creativity and innovation in this field.
  6. Cleaning and sterilization materials industry: The Turkish products have influenced the global production in this field greatly.

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  7. Pharmaceutical industries and women's cosmetics: This market is independent and very diverse.
  8. Power, cables, iron, steel products, and many other related products.
  9. Cars: Turkey has a lot of famous auto factories in which the vehicles are entirely manufactured on Turkish soil.
  10. Precious stones and metals: Turkey hosts the largest international gold exhibitions in two annual seasons continuously, due to the development of industries related to gold and other precious stones.

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  11. School supplies and bags Manufacturing...

The list goes on and on for a huge number of important and high-quality products that cannot be listed here.

What are the services of Tebadul Company in the import sector from Turkey?

Tebadul International Trading Company provides its clients who are looking for wholesale goods import from Turkey with the opportunity to reach the most important manufacturers and producers in Turkey, where we secure your needs from the Turkish market according to your required specifications and conditions.

Because our role is on the ground and in the field directly, we do our best to overcome the difficulties that you face when importing from Turkey. Through its experienced and professional staff in the Turkish market, Tebadul International Trading Company can secure all the required goods for those wishing to import from Turkey online through our company, starting from manufacturing until the delivery in the port of your country.

Tebadul International Trading Company also helps you to choose the product that sets you apart in the market, secure exclusive contracts, and manufacturing products under your trademarked name, along with providing solutions and instructions regarding the import/export methods of payment, and many other essential services in this field.

To answer all your inquiries about the method of importing from Turkey and everything related to our leading services in the Turkish market, you can fill out the form below; and our team will communicate with you as soon as possible.

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