The Complete Guide to Bringing Cars from Europe into Turkey

The Complete Guide to Bringing Cars from Europe into Turkey

Do you have a car in Europe and want to bring it into Turkiye? many people move to Turkey whether for study or work. they want to bring their car too. It makes sense and it is better than buying a new one. but how to do so?  We will try to answer this question covering everything you need to know about bringing your car into Turkey hassle-free.

Reasons to Bring Your Car from Europe to Turkiye

Travelers to Turkey choose to bring their car with them for several reasons, all of which make your life easier, including the following:

  • To save money: Cars in Turkey are expensive compared to other countries, especially Europe, so bringing your car will save you a lot. The cost of shipping a car is much lower than the cost of buying a new one.
  • To have a familiar car: We don’t like to change a good car, It might be challenging for you to get adjusted to a new automobile if you are accustomed to driving a certain kind that makes you more comfortable. Having your vehicle from Europe might make you feel more secure and at ease when driving.
  • To avoid selling your car in Europe: In Europe, selling an automobile may be a difficult and time-consuming procedure. You may avoid that difficulty by travelling to Turkey in your automobile. sometimes you are in a hurry so that you don't have time to sell your car.
  • To explore Turkiye in your car: There is so much to see and do in the stunning country of Turkey. Owning a car may allow you to travel at your own pace and see locations that are difficult to reach by public transportation.

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Types of Cars Entry from Europe to Turkey

shipping cars from europ to turkiye

Permanent Entry

A permanent import permit may only be obtained for new automobiles made that same year, except for diplomatic vehicles and classic automobiles older than thirty years. The car is added to the Turkish carpool and is not allowed to be exported again without significant limitations. Permanent imports often involve a longer and more intricate process that includes technical examination, import levies and taxes, car registration and insurance, and customs clearance. If you wish to live in Turkey permanently, this can be a viable alternative for you.

Key Conditions for Bringing a Car from Europe to Turkiye Permanently

  • Brand New: The only cars that can be imported permanently are those that have never been registered or used.
  • Driving with the right hand is often prohibited unless you meet certain requirements, such as holding diplomatic status.
  • Compliance: The vehicle needs to adhere to Turkish emission and safety regulations. In certain situations, adjustments can be required.

Temporary Entry

This is the only way to import a used automobile into Turkey from the European Union. The importation time is two years, however it can be extended under certain circumstances. One of those requirements is that the vehicle must be a resident of Turkey for a minimum of two years. This method's processes are less complicated than those of permanent import, but it still needs certain paperwork to be prepared and submitted. As a result, this approach is thought to be appropriate for people who want to stay in Turkey for a maximum of two years.

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Key Conditions for Bringing a Car from Europe to Turkiye Temporarily

  • You must be a Turkiye resident and in possession of a valid long-term visa or residence permit that will extend beyond the two years that you want to keep your automobile there.
  • You must reside in the nation where your automobile is registered. for example, you must be a resident or a national with the right to an indefinite stay in a country that is a member of the European Union and have a car registered there.
  • Whereas only brand-new automobiles are permitted for permanent importation, used cars are typically accepted for temporary importation.
  • There is no set age limit, but the vehicle must be in excellent working order and adhere to Turkish safety and pollution regulations.
  • A certificate of ownership (or a rental car contract) and proof of insurance that is valid in Turkey for the duration of the anticipated stay are required to be shown to Turkish Customs by a vehicle entering the country.

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The Required Documents for Bringing Private Cars from Europe to Turkiye

Bringing Cars from Europe into Turkey

  • Permit to reside (for employment, retirement, or education).
  • A work permit, retirement visa, or a record from the social security office in your nation attesting to your pension payments.
  • Student transcript (if enrolled in classes).
  • a current passport and a copy of it.
  • A current international driver's license together with a copy of it.
  • Proof of ownership in the form of a purchase invoice and car registration certificate.
  • Proof of insurance or Green Card Insurance (which should be accepted in Turkey).
  • completed the application for a blue plate.

The Process of Bringing Your Car from Europe to Turkiye

  1. Verify The Eligibility: Make sure your vehicle meets the regulations in Turkey.
  2. To make the procedure easier, prepare previous documents.
  3. To pay your customs duty, you must visit the Turkish Customs Directorate.
  4. For your automobile to conform with requirements, a final technical examination in Turkiye can be necessary.

How Tebadul Can Help You Bring Cars from Europe to Turkiye

For those who are new to this kind of business, the procedure of importing, exporting, shipping, and transporting items can be stressful. Tebadul Company is ready to handle all the procedures for you if you want to import a new car to Turkey or ship your car from Europe.

You don't have to worry about the legal implications of shipping and customs clearance. Our staff of competent managers and legal experts is here to assist you and offer guidance. Our employees strive to quickly meet customer requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Contact us today and let us help you bring your car.

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