Honey Industry in Turkey

Honey Industry in Turkey

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About Honey Production in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world in the production of honey of various kinds, due to its diverse geography and wide area that provides an ideal environment for natural beehives or even those cells that are domesticated, established and supervised by farmers.

Turkey's honey production reaches 100,000 tons per year, and more than 10,000 tons are exported to 55 different countries around the world every year.

Honey is one of the most important Turkish exported products, with the value of Turkish honey exports in 2021 reaching about $ 31 million.

The United States of America topped the world's importing countries of Turkish honey with an export value of $9 million, while Germany came second with $7 million, and Spain was third with $3 million.

Turkey produces different types of honey, with each Turkish state distinguishing itself from the other in the type of honey according to the climate and nature.

What Stands out for Turkish Honey?

Turkish honey is natural that relies heavily on the nectar of flowers and roses in the greenery, forests and fields for which Turkey is famous.

Turkish farms feature producing all kinds of honey, as well as rare varieties and other expensive ones so the price per kilogram sometimes reaches 10,000 Euros or about $11,000.

Honey Factories in Turkey

The Most Famous Brands of Turkish Honey

The most important types of honey produced in Turkey are:

- Pine Honey

It is the most famous type of honey in Turkey, which produces large quantities of up to 92% of pine honey around the world, and is produced in the provinces of the southern Aegean Sea and the western Mediterranean states.

- Flowers Honey

One of the most widespread types of honey around the world, flower honey is produced by bees that feed on floral nectar directly. Turkish honey production farms are known for the production of honey for one type of flower, which is called monofloral honey, such as chestnut flowers, lemon blossom honey and oranges.

There are also rare types of single-flowered honey produced by Turkey, such as Hijazi flower honey, eucalyptus blossom honey, linden, mint and rosemary blossom.

- Anzer Highlands Honey

It is produced through private farms on the Anzer Highlands in Rize, in which rare plants grow, and therefore honey has rare properties that are not found in other regions around the world.

- Cave Honey

It is called Centauri Honey, which is the most expensive type of honey in the world, and the price per kilogram reaches $11.000, and is produced in Sile overlooking the Black Sea coast.

Picked from within mountain caves, 2,500 meters above sea brightness, in uninhabited mountainous natural areas, this species of honey is of high nutritional value and rich in minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

- Madness Honey

It is a dangerous type of honey, found in only two regions around the world, namely the foothills of the Himalayas and the Kackar Mountains in Turkey.

Its components contain a neurotoxin that, when consumed in large quantities, causes hallucinations, nausea, fainting and heart attacks and may lead to significant complications, but it has many therapeutic properties and features.

Average Wholesale Prices of Honey in Turkey

The prices of honey in Turkey vary according to type and quality. So, it can be said that the honey market in Turkey is large since Turkey produces most of the known types of honey around the world.

Importers of honey from Turkey can find many types in the Turkish market, with various quality, types, quantities and competitive prices.

How to Get a Commercial Agency for a Turkish Honey

Customers and importers around the world can obtain special trade agencies for various types of Turkish honey.

You can contact Tebadul in Turkey, which is one of the largest commercial brokerage companies operating in Istanbul, and one of the best shipping and logistics support companies in the country.

Honey Apiaries in Turkey

Ways and Steps to Import Honey from Turkey (Wholesale)

The first successful steps of importing honey from Turkey start with choosing the most efficient and experienced trading brokerage company so that you get a trade deal at the best prices and options.

The most important steps recommended by the Tebadul platform team for importers of honey from Turkey are:

  • Communicate with Tebadul Company directly
  • Determine the type and specifications of the product to be imported from Turkey
  • Determine the required quantity and budget
  • Come to Turkey for a field tour and see the best options available in the market on the ground
  • Choose the best product suitable for the standards and requirements of the importing customer
  • Carry out the purchase process following legal and official procedures
  • Assign power of attorney to the brokerage company to follow up on the remaining matters, namely the receipt of goods and the conformity of the specifications of the requested product, packaging, customs clearance and shipping.

How does Tebadul Help You Import Honey from Turkey?

Tebadul International Trade through its partners from the owners of factories and production lines in Turkey works to provide all products and goods to the public of importers around the world, including various types of Turkish honey.

Tebadul provides integrated services to customers wishing to import products and goods from Turkey, providing the best options available, and connecting the customer with the source of the product and commodity.

 In addition, it supervises the legal matters of sale and purchase, following up on the delivery of goods to the customer, matching specifications and packaging.

Tebadul International Trade offers customers to obtain private trade agencies from Turkey, in addition to customs clearance and shipping services at competitive prices.


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