The Most Important Heavy Industries in Turkey

The Most Important Heavy Industries in Turkey

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What is Heavy Industry?

There is no single and fixed meaning to characterize the heavy or light industry. Some tend to describe heavy-weight industries as heavy industries, others think that equipment such as production lines, giant vehicles, or the like are heavy industries.

Others also believe major buildings, chemical plants, even rockets, construction equipment such as cranes and bulldozers, or even products produced by iron, oil, coal, ships, and other industries are heavy industries.

Heavy industries are known for their high costs and the large capital spent on them.

About Heavy Industries in Turkey

Turkey has strengthened its position in heavy industry sectors of all kinds, from military aircraft and electric trains to self-driving cars, and giant ship industries.

Over the past two decades, Turkey has mobilized its full capacity to finance innovation and local development, freeing itself in such a short period from the import of its needs for heavy industries from abroad; and replacing this with self-manufacturing with high efficiency that has placed it among the world's important industrialized countries.

The last decade has also witnessed a giant revolution in light and consumer industries of all kinds, in addition to the marine industries sector, and the export of metals and steel, eventually achieving unprecedented figures in industrial and commercial history.

Top Products of Heavy Industry in Turkey

Turkey's Position Among Countries Concerning Heavy Industry

Turkey is striving at full capacity today in a race against time to develop its industrial sector in heavy and light industry, competing with the strongest economies of the world, seeking to reach the third industrial place at the level of Europe.

Heavy industries have enabled Turkey to overcome international and local challenges and obstacles to continue development programs and ambitious visions until 2023, which means a lot to the Turks.

It was only natural for Turkey to benefit from the intensity and experience of the labour force, and the relatively competitive wages compared to the wage ratios of workers in other countries.

It is surprising to find that major European companies are forced to close their factories in Europe and transfer their industrial equipment and entire laboratories to Turkey, to take advantage of the aforementioned factors, in addition to facing the turmoil witnessed in Europe and other countries of the world in the energy supply sector and its high costs.

What is Heavy Industry

Does Turkey Export Heavy Industry Products?

Turkey has not delayed in reserving an important position in the export sector of heavy industry products, for example, combat drones have competed with global counterparts and played an impressive role in their recent accelerated achievements.

There are also heavy agricultural and construction machinery, giant cargo ships, and the promising automotive and vehicle sector, the latest achievements of which were the Turkish electric car Togg, and the electric trains manufactured with pure local Turkish capabilities.

The Most Important Heavy Industry Products to Import from Turkey

At the top of the pyramid of heavy industrial products that can be imported from Turkey are:

  1. Agricultural and construction equipment and mechanisms, such as tractors, and harvesters.
  2. Cars and mass transit buses.
  3. Huge merchant ships and superyachts of multiple sizes.
  4. Production lines of various types and varieties.

Heavy Machinery and Equipment Factories in Turkey

In this article, we are not talking about a specific type of industry, but about a wide range of products that are described as "heavy industry", such as:

  1. Kirklareli Agricultural Machinery Factory
  2. Konya Tractor Factory
  3. Nigde Truck Engine Factory
  4. Rize Ship Diesel Engine Factory
  5. Kirkali Factory for Drawn Steel Pipes
  6. Adapazari Basak Tractor Factory
  7. Sivas Gemerek Steel Construction Factory
  8. Tuvasas factory

Ways and Steps to Import Heavy Industry Products from Turkey

Trade exhibitions in Turkey may be an ideal spot to discover the most important industrial achievements of all kinds, which are usually held throughout the year.

You can find all detailed dates through the website of Tebadul International  Trade, in addition to the possibility of visiting the factories directly.

Tebadul, with its long experience, saves customers’ time and effort to reach the best product from its main source, offering appropriate quotes, feasibility studies, and everything related to business deals.

Tadawul Services to Import Heavy Industry Products from Turkey

Tebadul International Trading Company provides import services from Turkey to all international destinations, following a mechanism that ensures customers get the best product from the manufacturer directly.

In addition, it provides multiple logistics services to cover all stages of the supply process, such as free consultations and providing appropriate quotations, until the products reach the desired destination.


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