Halava Industry in Turkey 2024

Halava Industry in Turkey 2024

Turkish halva is a famous type of food, one of the most delicious meals for breakfast on the Turkish and Arabic tables. It adds to breakfast a distinctive and special flavour, offering great benefits to the human body in terms of oil and sugar.

What Stands out for the Halva Industry in Turkey?

Turkish halva is stuffed with pistachios, and some types of nuts or dried fruits, giving it a fabulous taste.

Turkish halva is known for its high quality and affordable prices, thanks to many factories, diversity and fame, with diverse brands, competing both in the local and global markets.

Turkish halve is one of the prominent trades, which gives importers a winning investment opportunity.

Hence, the food processing sector in Turkey is witnessing a great renaissance that contributes to attracting business investors in the Arab world, European countries and the world.

Official Turkish statistics indicate that the country has achieved large figures in the food industry, and is working on the development of human and natural resources and marketing competencies to increase figures annually.

Best Halava Factories and Companies in Turkey

You rarely find a factory in Turkey that does not offer the highest quality products. Factories seek to gain the satisfaction of customers and importers.

Here is a list of the best factories:

Alke Trading Co. Ltd., Gazelle Foreign Trade and Food Products Co., Oz Hicret Co., Ltd. for Food and Sugar, and Oyulum for the production of biscuits, halva, jams and other foodstuffs.

Average Prices of Halva in Turkey (Wholesale)

Recently, the purchasing power of food has increased in Turkey's markets, due to the abundance and diversity of production, which has led many to turn to the import of halva. Food and halva companies offer permanent offers to investors to attract and satisfy them.

Halva Companies in Turkey

How to Get a Commercial Agency for Turkish Halva

You can contact Tebadul International Trading Company to get an agency for halva; the company can be an intermediary for the agency of the most famous food companies in Turkey.

Ways and Steps to Import Halava from Turkey

Halva can be imported from Turkey by commercial mediation, or via the Internet, but the latter method is not recommended, because of potential fraud.

Before importing any new food type, the importer must provide the following:

  • Documents approved by recognized government agencies confirming food is suitable for human consumption.
  • Warnings to consumers who may be affected by a particular food or when overeating.
  • Reliable information on the criteria used to explain the method of use.
  • A pledge to take full responsibility for the product after it reaches the market, in addition to pledging to follow any relevant standards or rules issued by a specialized official government body.

How Can Tebadul Help You Import Halva from Turkey?

Tebadul International Company shows you the diversity and quality of different Turkish food products and halva in many famous factories. It also provides you with all the information about the methods of importing Turkish food of all kinds, halva and jams, and ready-made foods.

It shows customers all the specifications of products and quality, and the easiest ways to choose the product and manufacturer following the appropriate prices, as well as shipping, sorting, classification and packaging services.

For support and inquiries, contact the company's team to answer your questions, and provide you with all the information you need.


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