Features of Turkish Products

Features of Turkish Products

Turkish industry is ranking among the top countries worldwide, with the demand for Turkish products increasing, thanks to their reasonable prices and quality.

In this article, we will discuss the quality and prices of Turkish products, and how to compare them with those of other countries, specifically China.

What are the Features of Turkish products?

Turkish products are known for their quality, conformity to international specifications, and low prices. Not to mention, it is very easy to import them.

1. High Quality

The phrase “Made in Turkey” makes clients optimistic and satisfied, thanks to the high-quality raw materials, professionality, and conformity to international standards.

Features of Turkish Products

2. Affordable Prices

Consumers like to buy quality and inexpensive products. Turkish products are of good quality and at reasonable prices, thanks to the low-wage labour, raw materials in Turkey, and the technical development of production line machines.

3. Easy Import

Clients always consider the process of importing from Turkey; is it difficult, complicated or not?

Turkey has recently worked on facilitating shipping procedures, including large ports capacity, a variety of shipping routes (land, sea, and air), and websites of shipping companies that offer easy access to customers.

You can import using a licensed company, a broker, or an authorized company specializing in shipping.

The large number of companies competing in shipping gives you the advantage of getting the best services at the lowest cost.

Turkish Products

4. Product Variety Options

The industrial and technological development of a large number of factories in Turkey has been reflected in the Turkish product, leading to easy manufacturing and abundant production. It is worth noting that Turkish products are all good but vary in quality as requested by the customer.

For example, you can find fabric and carpet products of all kinds and colours at a competitive price, which also applies to furnishings, industrial equipment, construction supplies, household items, etc.

What is the Difference Between Turkish and Chinese products?

Some say Chinese goods are widespread and popular because they are cheap, but they find out that they are generally of low quality.

Shipping issues must also be taken into consideration: shipping from far countries would cost importers much more compared to hipping from nearby countries. So, quality, reasonable prices, and shipping are among the features of Turkish products compared to those of China.

How Can Tebadul International Trade Help You Choose the Best and Most Distinctive Turkish Products?

The company offers a list of the best offers and products, ideal for your order, with shipping services from the country of origin and customs clearance to your destination.

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