My Experience in Importing from Turkey and the Most Important Tips

My Experience in Importing from Turkey and the Most Important Tips

In this article, we will tackle the experience of one of our customers in importing from Turkey with some tips that benefit importers when starting a business.

How Did You Get to Know the Turkish Market?

Turkish markets are full of various types of products and goods with high quality and competitive prices, which attract Arab and foreign importers and wholesalers to import from Turkey.

When we asked one of the importers who had experienced importing from Turkey with us at Tebadul International Trade how he identified the Turkish market, he replied:

The coronavirus, which emerged in China, has changed many trade behaviours around the world. It is known that the Chinese market dominates the international import and export market, but with the spread of coronavirus in China and the preventive measures taken by governments, which resulted in travel difficulties and airport closures, traders began to consider an alternative solution to the Chinese market.

Turkish markets, with their high-quality products and competitive prices, have been an ideal option for many importers, especially since Turkish industries have witnessed significant development in recent years, thanks to Turkey's strategic location along two continents and Arab countries.

He pointed out that it was necessary to search for a Turkish company, which provides products, facilitates the export of goods and customs clearance, and ensures quality on delivery, which I found clearly at Tebadul International Trade and began the business process in the Turkish markets.

My Experience in Importing from Turkey

On What Basis Did You Choose the Product You Imported from Turkey?

The quality standards of Turkish products make them a strong competitor to other products in the local markets.

When comparing the high quality of Turkish products with the prices, you find that low prices play a role in selecting goods for import from Turkey, thanks to the large wholesale markets and many commercial centres that offer a bunch of competitive prices for importers.

Import Experience from Turkey

Why Did You Choose Tebadul To Supply Your Products?

During my experience importing from Turkey, I found the great experience and high professionalism of Tebadul International Trade in importing goods. Before starting the first import process, I was in constant contact over the phone with the customer service team at Tebadul Company, and after the cancellation of preventive measures, I decided to visit the company's headquarters in Istanbul and get to know their work closely.

When I visited Istanbul and met Tebadul representatives at the company's headquarters, I was surprised that Tebadul was one of the many companies of the famous Imtilak Group in Turkey, which strengthened my confidence in dealing with them, believing it is the right choice for this powerful company in Turkey at the level of international trade.

What Services Did Tebadul Company Provide?

Tebadul International Trade provided a range of integrated services in Turkey, including welcoming at the airport, transferring using modern cars, visiting factories, inspecting goods, negotiating prices, packaging processes, fully supporting customs clearance, and ensuring that goods arrive safely in the destination country.

Wholesale Trade in Turkey

Did You Get the Best Quality at the Most Affordable Price?

In light of the commercial competition in the Turkish market, I can say that the list of prices provided by Tebadul is very acceptable, with high-quality goods, and high professionalism in the import process.

While in Turkey, under a commercial contract with Tebadul Company, I provided an official power of attorney to the company's representatives to follow up on the sales and purchase procedures with the factory. According to this contract the down payment was paid, after which the full amount was transferred when the products were safely delivered to Egypt.

How Was the Shipping and Customs Clearance Process Done? How Long Did It Take?

Shipping and customs clearance laws vary from country to country, depending on the destination country. When talking about Egypt and the legal procedures to which the export mechanism is subject, the current method is done through a bank credit for the company, which may be prolonged following the regulations of banks in each country.

After the completion of the procedure of opening the bank accreditation of the company, the shipping processes are coordinated with the competent companies, then the customs clearance procedures.

In general, the expected duration of cargo shipments and customs clearance takes from 15 to 20 days.

Import from Turkey

Do You Recommend Tebadul Company For Your Merchants And Businessmen?

Eventually, after a successful business trip, I found that Tebadul International has several advantages that I recommend all importers of wholesalers to deal with.

Advantages include flexibility in choosing manufacturers, speed in the order of goods, transparency, professionalism in resolving shipping and customs clearance issues, and reasonable prices.

Tebadul Company Tips To Import From Turkey

After years of accumulated experience in wholesale trade in Turkey, some important tips can be summarised in the following points:

  • Identify all the papers and documents required to complete the import process from Turkey.
  • Identify imported products before shipping or receiving them.
  • Identify the payment methods, the shipping process and customs clearance rates.
  • Write the contract with the trading company clearly, and identify price issues and product specifications.
  • Write the destination delivery, so that it is easy for you and the company to receive the goods, and this must be mentioned in the import and export contract in Turkey.
  • Agree on when the goods will be delivered, and in case of a delay, there will be a fine on the company doing the import process.

Importing From Turkey


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