Methods to bring cars into Turkey: a comprehensive guide

Methods to bring cars into Turkey: a comprehensive guide

What is the way to legally bring cars into Turkey? How can I chart my foreign car in Turkey?

Frequently asked questions, prompted by the urgent need of many Arabs and foreigners residing in Turkey, which Tebadul tries to answer with full professionalism.

Why do many people choose to bring their own cars to Turkey?

We may not be able to mention all the reasons that motivate many investors or foreigners residing in Turkey to try to bring their own cars into Turkey, whether for the purpose of temporary entry or permanent demarcation, but the reason behind this is certainly the need and necessity often.

Such as cars for people with special needs originally manufactured or modified according to need, or people who want to stay for an extended period in Turkey and find a desire to maintain their own cars instead of selling them and buying an alternative, given the different price in Turkey, or other reasons.

Entering cars into Turkey

What is the difference between the permanent and temporary entry of cars into Turkey?

Temporary entry:

It is the most common case among our customers, who want to take advantage of the laws that allow them to bring their own cars into Turkey temporarily.

As Turkish law allows the entry of private cars for a period of two years, after which the owner of the car must take his car out of Turkey, where the period of stay of the car is not extended for more than that unless the car includes an exception, as is the case in the period of crises and total closure, as happened during the Coronavirus pandemic period, where an application is submitted to extend the permit to stay in Turkey for an additional period, usually extending to an additional six months.

Permanent entry:

It is importing the car into Turkey from abroad, obtaining licenses to enter it and keep it permanently in Turkey, and demarcating it regularly, without having to take it out later.

There is no doubt that permanent entry has conditions that must be met by the owner of the car and the car itself, with more relatively high costs.

car customs tax in Turkey

What are the ways to bring cars into Turkey?

To bring your new or used car into Turkey, you will find two main ways: land entry, or sea freight. We discuss here both ways in some detail.

Costs and conditions for entering cars into Turkey by sea

After preparing all the necessary documents to submit the temporary admission transaction, the applicant must authorize a customs broker accredited by the customs, and the agency is authenticated with the notary public.

The costs of the temporary entry of the car to Turkey range in the range of about $2,500, the agency costs include the value and customs clearance of cars in Turkey, the floor, and other expenses, unless there is an event that causes a delay in the car’s stay in the port for a longer period than usual, or otherwise other reasons.

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Ways and costs of bringing cars into Turkey by land

This transaction is usually carried out smoothly at land crossings, provided that the necessary documents are completed, as the process can be completed without the need to use a customs broker, as is the case in sea freight.

The costs of entry from land crossings are much less than the cost of sea entry through the port, due to the additional costs that are due to be paid at the port, in addition to the logistical costs, flooring, etc., which are required to operate the ports.

What was mentioned above is related to temporary admission and limited to a period of two years only, and in the case of permanent entry, it falls under the import clause, which falls under certain conditions related to the car and its owner, but its costs, in general, are very high after paying the value of the taxes imposed, so that the cost of the price of The total car is the same price as a new car of the same type in Turkey, or a little more, due to the already high cost of car customs tax in Turkey.

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car taxes in Turkey

Documents required to enter the private car into Turkey

The documents required to enter cars into Turkey and start licensing procedures are determined by:

  1. A copy of the applicant's passport, with a copy of the last entry or exit stamp, from or to Turkey.
  2. A copy of the applicant's identity card or a copy of his residence permit in the country from which he wants to enter the car.
  3. The Turkish identity of the applicant or his residence permit in Turkey.
  4. Car license in his country.
  5. International car insurance (if available, and if not, the car is insured in Turkey).
  6. Car shipping documents.
  7. Agency for the customs broker to start the transaction.

Conditions for entering cars into Turkey

The conditions to be met are divided into two parts:

Conditions that must be met by the owner of the car

The conditions to be met by a person wishing to temporarily enter his vehicle into Turkey are:

  1. The applicant must hold the nationality/residency of the country from which he wants to bring the car.
  2. The applicant must hold Turkish citizenship or a legal residence permit in the country.

Conditions that must be met in the car

As for the conditions that must be met by the car to be entered temporarily (for a period of two years) to Turkey:

  1. Having a regular car license (it is not possible to temporarily enter a car that is not registered or purchased from the free zone, such as cars coming from the free zone in Lebanon without restrictions in that country, or what is known there as rubble cars).
  2. The license shall be in the name of the applicant exclusively.
  3. Having international car insurance (or the so-called green insurance, which is mandatory insurance provided by all insurance companies around the world).

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customs clearance value for cars in Turkey

In the case of importing a car to Turkey from abroad for the purpose of permanent entry, this requires several conditions in the car itself, which are:

  1. The car must be completely new (zero), and the import of used cars are not allowed.
  2. The car must be of the same model year in which the car will be entered into Turkey.
  3. The car owner must pay the taxes imposed on new cars according to the car tax system in Turkey, and the tax is calculated according to the type and model of the car and depending on the number and capacity of the engine cylinders.
  4. In some cases, customs require the approval of the exclusive agent of the same car brand in Turkey.

Services of Tebadul company regarding the entry of cars into Turkey

Tebadul International Trade Company provides all kinds of services related to the entry of your cars into Turkey, with integrated logistical support, that guarantees your comfort and the smooth running of your transactions, by dealing with the most skilled, efficient, and experienced customs brokers.

Tebadul company provides you with adequate information, and deals with all your requests in a professional manner, ensuring the reliability of the work, starting with free consultations, until getting your transactions completed in the most complete manner.

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