Wholesale adult diapers in Turkey

Wholesale adult diapers in Turkey

Some patients and adult people who suffer from personal problems in defecation, and they look for solutions to help them solve these problems such as diapers for adults who are an urgent need for them. 

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Diapers for The Adult by Tebadul Company - What Are the Features?

Tebadul Company provides diapers for adults, which are characterized by high elasticity, fast absorption, and comfortable soft texture all the time. These diapers provide protection and prevent incontinence, and they prevent skin irritation.

Diapers for the adults and individuals with special needs provide safety and comfort during all normal daily activities, as they prevent any leak and absorb a lot of liquids, so that the adults and individuals with special needs can enjoy the best protection throughout the period of use, and also provide a dryness that let them feel energetic.

Adult Diaper Sizes - wholesale Selling

The adult diapers are available in different sizes and they are related to the size and weight of the human body. You can find special diapers for the adults in small, medium, and large sizes, and the number of diapers varies in every package based on the sizes of adult diapers. It must be mentioned that Tebadul International Trading Company is selling these packages to the valued customers in the Arab countries.

The best types of Pampers for the adults

Among the best types of Pampers for the adults are those which are designed to absorb large amounts of leaks, these diapers are suitable for all sizes and weights and ensure all-day comfort for those who wear them.

Adult Diapers Price - Wholesale Selling

Prices of adult diapers are related to the number of diapers in the packages, as the price of diapers for the adults varies between a package and another due to the numbers of diapers in each package, some of them have 11 diapers, others contain 10 diapers, and in some packages, there are 22 diapers.

Thus, you can buy and sell large quantities of adult diapers for sale through Tebadul International Trading Company, and make a good profit of them.  

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Importing Adult Diapers from Turkey - Method of Packing, Packaging, and Shipping

One of the most common places for wholesale selling of adult diapers is Tebadul Company, which allows the valued customers to import all food and health products in general, as well as wholesale buying of adult diapers from Turkey at prices that will satisfy all merchants.

As for the method of packing and packaging, it is done through some controlled electronic devices and machines, which do all the work related to packing the diapers in their bags and then packaging them well without touching them by hand.

Then the packages that contain the diapers are moved to the transportation trucks, then they are sold or exported outside of the country.

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