MODEF Expo 2022 aims to increase Turkey's furniture exports by 25%

MODEF Expo 2022 aims to increase Turkey's furniture exports by 25%

The city of Ingöl in the Turkish state of Bursa (west), hosted the 46th edition of the "MODEF Expo 2022" exhibition for furniture and decoration, which is expected to make a significant contribution to the furniture sector in Turkey.

Broad participation of 165 companies

In the city of İngol, which is considered the furniture capital of Turkey, the (MODEF EXPO 2022) exhibition opened its doors to visitors from March 21-26, 2222.

During the days of the exhibition, which was organized at the INGOL International Furniture Fair Center, the participating furniture manufacturers and producers from Turkey and the world, displayed a wide range of the latest furniture designs and related products.

The 165 companies participating in the exhibition presented a wide range of modern designs for bedrooms, sitting rooms, tables, and chairs, as these products attracted the attention of visitors and activists in the furniture export sector.

Bursa | is a unique brand in the furniture industry

In a related context, Mr. Yavuz Ogurdag, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in İngöl, said: "The state of Bursa has, over the past years, transformed into a unique brand in the furniture design and production sector."

"Only 165 companies were able to display their products in the exhibition stands, while many companies were not able to find vacant stands to display their products," added Ogurdag, who is also the director of INGOL International Furniture Fair.

Mr. Ogurdag explained that through the exhibition, İngol brought together the most important local and international companies working in the furniture industry, and made a very valuable contribution to strengthening the position of the Turkish furniture industry.

Furniture in Turkey

Attendance from around 90 countries

Mr. Yavuz Ogurdag pointed out that MODEF 2022 was an important space that brought together the producer and the consumer in the local and international furniture industry, noting that companies and visitors from about 90 countries participated in the exhibition's activities.

He said, "We believe that this exhibition will contribute to increasing Turkish exports of home furniture by 25%, and will make a contribution to the export sector worth about $300 million."

He continued, "The days of the exhibition witnessed the conduct of many commercial deals, especially in favor of the countries of the Middle East and Africa, which are the most important export destinations for Turkey."

the furniture capital of Turkey

A Billion Dollar target!

In the same context, Mr. Ozkan Ayhan, President of the Ingol Chamber of Carpenters and Furniture Makers, said: "Ingol International Furniture Fair hosted about two thousand foreign visitors and 20,000 local visitors."

He continued, "In 2021, INGOL was able to export 661 million dollars of furniture to many countries of the world, as we aim to increase our annual exports to more than one billion dollars in the period between 2024-2025."

In turn, Muhammad Ali Sheikh Ali, director of foreign trade for one of the participating companies, said: "During the days of the exhibition, we conducted a number of export deals for our home furniture products to the United States of America, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Palestine, Libya, and Afghanistan."


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Reference: Yeni Safak

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