Customs Clearance Services in Turkey

Customs Clearance Services in Turkey

Customs clearance is considered one of the most important stages through which the import and export process passes to and from any country. Customs clearance laws differ greatly between countries depending on the agreements between countries and types of imported and exported products, and their effects on the economy in those countries.

Here we learn more about the most important terms related to this matter, we also look at the role of the customs broker in these cases and the services ofTebadul International Trading Company.

What is customs clearance?

In a nutshell: Customs clearance means completing the process of exporting or importing a specific product according to the laws and conditions regulating in the country (the exporting or the importing country) and what accompanies that of documents that guarantee the completion of the process without any obstacle or problem and paying the taxes if any, to allow the products to be traded in the local market.

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Who is the customs broker?

Customs broker is a legal entity (a person or agency) familiar with the laws regulating foreign trade in those countries, knows the characteristics of each commodity regarding the laws of the country and what documents, papers, and certificates have to be presented to the authorities in that country; to complete the export or import process without any obstacles after completing the customs clearance process as it should.

Most of the time, the customs clearance service is associated with logistical solutions and other supportive services such as transportation services in the same country, storing all kinds of goods, packing, packaging, and other services.

Why do I need a company specialized in customs clearance?

Perhaps the two most important elements for answering this question are:

  • Customs broker is considered to be a mediator between the owner of the goods and the official authorities in that country, as the customs broker ensures that the goods conform to the country's laws.
  • The customs broker has experience in this field and is quick in issuing all documents necessary to complete the import or export process, which speeds up the customs clearance process without any problems.
  • Reducing the cost of taxes by knowing the legal ways to facilitate this matter.

When talking about the documents required to complete the export process completely in a proper way, things differ according to matters imposed by the conditions of the country and the type of goods...

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How does the customs clearance in Turkey work?

After the arrival of the shipment or the ship with the goods to be cleared on board of it, and after unloading the containers on the land of the seaport, for example, the customs broker prepares the permission to receive the containers from the shipping company based on the bills of lading.

The customs broker provides commercial invoices, certificate of origin, and packing regulations to the customs so that the customs duties for the goods are determined based on their type.

After submitting the invoices to the customs, the Customs Administration sends an inspector to inspect the goods and their conformity with the papers presented by the customs broker, and the value of the customs duty to be paid is determined accordingly.

In some types of goods like foodstuffs, the inspector requests samples to be sent to a laboratory specialized in this matter to be tested, approved, and make sure that they conform to the specified specifications.

After the customs broker pays the customs duty of the goods, the broker gets permission to receive the goods.

The customs clearance process usually takes about 5 working days if the process does not face any obstacle.

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The most important documents required for exporting from Turkey:

  1. The goods' commercial invoice.
  2. Certificate of origin (some authorities may request it to be approved by specific ministries and embassies in some cases).
  3. Bill of lading.
  4. Package statement.
  5. Health certificates (for food, medicine, cosmetics..., etc.)
  6. Fumigation certificate (for wood products).
  7. Opening and closing the customs declaration.
  8. Export certificate (for some products).
  9. Container reservation.
  10. Customs Declaration.

in addition to many of the documents and steps necessary to complete the export process, which, as we mentioned earlier, differ according to the product and the country to which the goods are exported.

The most important documents required for the import:

These documents also differ according to the country, as there are some procedures that all countries have agreed to follow, and some other countries increase or change these procedures.

Almost all countries agree on the health certificates, but some countries require certain quality certificates such as the (ISO) certificate and others for some products, also the (Halal) certificate is one of the most important certificates required in the Islamic countries, which are essentially required in the field of food.

Usually, the customs broker is familiar with all of these required certificates as well as the procedures required to complete the import process by the customs broker's country laws, not to mention the documents that must be provided by the importer, the most important of which are: the power of attorney to perform the clearance process, in addition to the import license, the importing company's licenses, etc..

Then the customs broker pays all the fees in the official departments, which is necessary to complete the import process.

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  • Most of the agencies that work in the field of customs clearance offer a package of services that accompany the clearance process such as transport, storage, and packaging.
  • Due to their constant contact with commercial companies and businessmen, and because of they are always working with all kinds of imported goods; those who work in customs clearance are usually qualified to provide you with consultant even before starting your business, as they can be consulted and asked for their opinion regarding the best factories that can be dealt with and the best countries to produce a particular type of goods because they give you valuable advice based on their experience in this field and they give you experiences they have gained from working on the ground. This thing prevents you from making mistakes the others have made before.
  • The imported goods' taxes and fees differ from one country to another, and the cost of customs clearance in Turkey is subject to the type of goods, the experience of the customs broker, in addition to the customs brokers' ability, sometimes, to reduce the paid fees due to their deep knowledge of the laws and the types of goods that are subject to reduced fees, in addition to what must be followed to achieve these conditions, in short, they may reduce fees on you, or at least, they ensure that the costs, fees, and taxes will not increase because you are not familiar with the laws.


What does Tebadul International Trading Company provide you in the customs clearance field?

Through a professional team that works in the commercial field, Tebadul International Trading Company in Turkey presents you with customs clearance services from A to Z, in addition to a complete package of the accompanying services such as packing, packaging, shipping, brokerage, and purchasing goods, etc. ... To take the lead among the customs clearance companies in Turkey.

 Tebadul International Trading Company provides you with customs clearance services in a wide range of commodities such as agricultural, food, industrial, and all other fields.

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