Carpet Industry and Factories in Turkey 2024

Carpet Industry and Factories in Turkey 2024

Learn about Turkey's carpet industry in terms of the best types, quality of products, features and import routes through Tebadul International Trade.

About Carpet Products in Turkey

Carpet making is one of the oldest industries in which man has ever worked, and carpet weaving is a traditional art dating back to pre-Islamic times.

Historians believe that the first home of the hand carpet industry is Central Asia and Anatolia, as the tribes that inhabited there were making carpets with great professionalism, to be used in tents to cover walls and floors, and then turned into a craft for trade and money-making.

Carpets in Turkey are known as one of the finest and most luxurious carpets in the world, woven using raw materials made up of wool, cotton or natural and industrial silk, and are linked by symmetrical knots, and vary in size from pillow size to room size.

Turkish carpet products have certain characteristics in terms of dyes, colours, designs, textures and techniques, usually decorated with gold and decorated lines, featuring bright colours and Islamic decorations, sometimes decorated with Ottoman letters.

What Stands out for Turkey's Carpet Industry?

Turkish carpet products have entered the European and Arab markets, competing with the quality of Persian carpets known for their durability and strength, so what distinguishes the carpet industry in Turkey?

  • Bright and beautiful colours, decorated and gold lines that adorn Turkish carpets.
  • Exquisite geometric shapes and elaborate and thoughtful drawings, formed as a result of a combination of Roman and Byzantine cultures, with the predominance of Islamic cultural character in the Turkish carpet manufacturing process.
  • Long experience and history in the Turkish carpet industry, an industry rooted in ancient Ottoman roots.
  • Raw materials for the carpet industry, as well as the efficiency of carpet weaving workers, and technicians working to modernize carpet machines.
  • Easy export of Turkish carpets due to Turkey's geographical location nearby Arab and European markets.
  • Safe packaging, fast shipping, and flexible customs clearance processes.
  • The diverse use of Turkish carpets (souvenirs, commercial items, home furnishings).

Top Carpet Factories in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world, producing about 40% of carpets and exporting them to various countries of the world, and owns a range of leading factories that provide the finest types of imports from Turkey.

One of Turkey's most famous carpet-making areas is the Hereke region of Kocaeli, where women master carpet fabric and hand-made, giving it a high value, with a single piece of more than $10.

Gaziantep is one of the Turkish carpet-making cities, which has approximately 350 Turkish carpet factories. Carpet factories in Turkey are frequent in Istanbul, Izmir, Isparta, Sivas and Konya.

Carpet Factories in Turkey

What are the Best types of Carpets to Import from Turkey?

There are many types of Turkish carpets, but there are favourites for importers, preferred by consumers in several countries such as:

  • Acrylic carpets
  • Bamboo carpets
  • Plush carpets
  • Gardenia carpets
  • Garden sprite carpets
  • Kingdom carpets
  • Garden parallel carpets
  • Lilac carpets
  • Eastern carpets
  • Classic carpets
  • Magical carpets
  • Land carpet
  • Light carpet
  • Orient carpets
  • Diamond carpets

Average Carpet Prices in Turkey (Wholesale)

Turkish carpet products are usually popular with Arab importers, with Arab countries such as Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Iraq competing to import and sell Turkish carpets, particularly handmade carpets.

Wholesale prices of Turkish carpets vary by materials used in the manufacturing process, the higher the prices of materials, the higher the prices of carpets.

 Prices are related to quality, painted inscriptions, shapes, decorations, and sizes. Importers can determine what designs and drawings they want to print on carpets.

Ways and Steps to Import Carpets from Turkey

Tebadul International Trade provides all forms of support to importers to facilitate the import of carpets from Turkey, where import steps can be mentioned through the following:

  • Identify the best suppliers and manufacturers, and choose the best resources in Turkey.
  • Arrange everything related to negotiations to get the best prices and arrange the receipt of goods.
  • Carry out packaging operations in a way that ensures products' safe access to the importer.
  • Customs clearance by experts in this field.
  • Use one of the available shipping methods to suit the type of product, ensuring its safe arrival in the importing country.

How to Get an Agency for Turkish Carpet Products

You can contact International Trading Company to sign an agency to obtain Turkish carpet products, and under this agency, the importer can power the company with all import work and secure all carpet needs and the required specifications.

All details of prices, packaging mechanisms, shipping methods and customs clearance are also agreed upon under this agency.

Carpet Industry in Turkey

How Can Tebadul Company Help You Import Carpets from Turkey?

Tebadul International Trade company puts all its human potential in the service of those who want to import carpets from Turkey. It offers a range of integrated services that ensure that the importer buys the best products at the most appropriate prices, delivering them to the importing country in safe and fast ways, and implements this through successive and accurate steps through the following:

  • Connect with the best manufacturers and get the cheapest prices and the finest goods.
  • Full supervision of the packaging of all products with utmost accuracy.
  • Facilitate customs clearance through a dedicated team and expert on legal and customs matters.
  • Choose the shipping route that fits the product and deliver it to the importer in the fastest possible way.


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