Tips for Wholesale Trade Steps from Turkey

Tips for Wholesale Trade Steps from Turkey

Here is an article from Tebadul International Trade on wholesale trade from Turkey with details about importing Turkish products.

Why Buy Goods from Turkey?

Due to the significant development of the industrial sector in Turkey, Turkish goods are competing with those in European countries. Turkish industry has occupied a high position globally. Thus, various Turkish goods have seen a large demand from foreign importers, since wholesale trade in Turkey is characterized by the following:

  • Turkish market is open, with various products.
  • Multiple factories using the best technologies in manufacturing processes.
  • High-quality products, conforming to international standards.
  • Cheap prices, compared to other European countries.
  • A variety of options for products and goods, with many quality options.
  • Easy import and great flexibility in customs clearance.
  • Multiple import routes including seaports, roads and airports.

Wholesale Trade Steps from Turkey

The steps to wholesale trade from Turkey include:

Find the Most Suitable Product to Buy from Turkey

Looking for the best products at the most appropriate prices is the first step that importers should take when importing from Turkey, requiring research into Google engines, conducting a comprehensive study on the products to be purchased first, and then travelling to Turkey to inspect goods on the ground.

Search for the Most Suitable Supplier for Quality and Price

The second step is to buy goods from Turkey in bulk in search of the most suitable supplier that offers the best goods at the cheapest prices. We recommend the importer take a field tour to factories, weave trust threads with the most suitable supplier, agree on prices, and sign official contracts accordingly.

End All Customs Clearance Procedures

It is necessary for the importer to know Turkish laws concerning the supply of Turkish goods, to avoid making mistakes that cause the seizure of products such as quality, validity and certificate of origin, and to end all customs clearance procedures as short as possible in the third step in importing goods from Turkey.

End All Packaging and Shipping Procedures

The importer must follow the packaging procedures for Turkish goods, ensure the safety of the goods to be imported, and ensure that they are not damaged during shipping.

The quality of the packaging should also be confirmed using shock-absorbing nylon, cardboard and cork panels, as well as placing small pieces in durable packaging, with a table of assets and numbering to make it easier for the customer to review the order when it arrives.

In addition, the correct packaging helps to create wider areas within shipping containers, where space is taken into account in the packaging process, which contributes to reducing the number of containers or placing the entire shipment in a single container, taking into account the non-harm of the goods.

Concerning the shipment of products, it should be noted that sophisticated packaging processes save the importer a lot of money in cases of air freight, where the shipping price is calculated by weight, so it is necessary to follow the appropriate shipping methods and to follow the appropriate instructions to ensure that the products arrive in the importing country.

Wholesale Trade from Turkey

What is the Advantage of Dealing with a Trading Brokerage Firm in Turkey?

1. Implement the Purchase from the Ground up with High Professionalism

Tebadul International Trading Company is working to implement the purchase of goods from the ground up with high professionalism, by communicating with the best manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey and then selecting the best resources for Turkish goods and products.

Tebadul Company also arranges all matters to get the best prices, the receipt of goods, and the accompanying packaging and shipping procedures, to export the product to the importing country, facilitating customs clearance and shipping by specialized experts.

2. Ensure All Contracts and Legal Issues

The specialists at Tebadul supervise all contracts between the parties, where all importers are dealt with following legal contracts signed by the relevant authorities and certified by government institutions.

All legal matters relating to the purchase of goods and their prices, the mechanisms through which packaging is carried out, and the shipping methods used are ascertained.

Based on its profound experience in Turkish export laws, Tebadul is responsible for securing all the necessary legal papers in customs clearance, to conduct the process without making mistakes that cause material losses.

3. Clearing All Financial Procedures and Issues with Banks

Tebadul is keen to clear all financial procedures with banks, whether in obtaining bank receipts issued by sales and purchases or securing the required paperwork for customs clearance.

Tips for Wholesale Trade from Turkey

We highly recommend dealing with a trusted commercial brokerage firm in Turkey, because this will save importers a lot of time and effort and ensure that they get the best goods and the most appropriate prices.

If not contracting with commercial companies, experts at Tebadul recommend travelling to Turkey first, then conducting a comprehensive study on the products and factories, and knowing Turkish laws concerning wholesale import from Turkey.

If you Want to Wholesale Trade from Turkey, What  Can Tebadul Company Offer?

Exports of Turkish goods and products broke records in the first 5 months of 2022, and Turkish foreign trade volume increased in May by 31.1%, to $48.6 billion.

Based on the above data, Tebadul International Trading has played a major role over the past period in providing integrated commercial services to importers during imports from Turkey.

In this context, Tebadul can offer importers all information about the import methods, show them all the specifications and options and the easiest way to choose the product and factory at the appropriate prices, as well as shipping, sorting, classification, packaging and customs clearance services.

Wholesale Import from Turkey


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