Shipping from Turkey to Australia – Best Courier Service

Shipping from Turkey to Australia – Best Courier Service
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Air Shipping from Turkey to Australia


Air freight shipping provides shippers with quick and flexible transportation options when exporting goods overseas. International air freight is helpful for urgent or time-sensitive items that would lose value if delivered slowly.

When compared to sea or land transportation, air cargo services do have certain disadvantages, such as higher air freight charges, restrictions on the types, sizes, and weights of goods, and the impact of weather on airport schedules.

Estimated Time

It generally takes 1-3 days for a parcel to arrive from Turkey to Australia.

Sea Shipping from Turkey to Australia


It should be easy to ship your items to Australia. They can be delivered by air or water. The land is not an option. But do not worry. A "sea-locked" country is a reachable country in the realm of shipping.

You may decide to send your belongings to Australia via ship. Here are the main advantages of sea freight.

  • A 99.99% safety record
  • Sea freight is 12-16 times cheaper than air freight
  • You’re typically able to fit more on a ship than a plane
  • A container ship creates 44 times less CO2 than a plane

Estimated Time

It usually needs an average of 12 days to deliver goods between these countries.

How Much Does the Shipping Cost?

Sea Freight Cost

If you're thinking of shipping your belongings by sea freight, which we recommend, since it's typically much cheaper than air freight, and just as safe – you can expect to pay around £9,000 ($12,400) for a 20-foot container, and £17,000 ($23,500) for a 40-foot container.

For more information about the costs of shipping from Turkey to Australia, feel free to contact Tebadul International Trade.


Cheapest Courier Service from Turkey to Australia

Tebadul is one of the best companies that could utilize its experience in the market to help you choose the best shipping option that satisfies your expectation at the lowest price in the market.

Tebadul provides all import services including the selection of products, delivery of goods, shipping and packaging services, and customs clearance facilities.
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Shipping Requirements

Customs Clearance

In most cases, import from Turkey is treated as an intra-Community acquisition of goods. Therefore, it does not require extra customs charges.

Why is Tebadul the Best Courier Service from Turkey to Australia?

Trusted Partner

Tebadul International Trading Company provides customers with a smooth import mechanism for all products and brands of Turkish products, at reasonable and competitive prices, providing a smooth mechanism for shipping and exporting.

Support and Tracking

Tebadul International Trade Company offers pioneering services that include all stages of the supply of goods from Turkey, powers of attorney, letters of credit required for the import of goods, and all the logistics services accompanying the import process from Turkey.

Best Price Offers

Turkish industry is ranked among the top countries worldwide, with the demand for Turkish products increasing, thanks to their reasonable prices and quality.

In this regard, Tebadul International Trade provides top services at reasonable prices. You just need to contact us to check out all our services and prices.

Experienced and Professional Staff

Thanks to long experience and profound knowledge of the Turkish market, our team is a professional one. We have staff who can speak many languages, ready to help you achieve your goals.

Feel free to contact us and find out how our team is hospitable and helpful.

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