Air shipping from Turkey with Tebadul International Trading Company

Air shipping from Turkey with Tebadul International Trading Company

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It is well known that air shipping is the fastest and most expensive means of commercial shipping, and because it has many important features, its importance is increasing day after the other especially in the types of perishable goods or the goods that have high demand like medical products.

In this article, we will learn more about the most important points regarding the air shipping from Turkey, its advantages, disadvantages, cost, and the services of Tebadul International Trading Company in this field.

Air Shipping From Turkey

Air shipping is the transportation of goods on board of airplanes, whether the commercial ones or the cargo aircraft.

Air shipping in Turkey is very suitable for food shipments and the medium or relatively large shipments, but its cost is always high compared to land and sea shipping, as shipping cost is not calculated based on weight alone, they are calculated based on the volumetric weight of the goods, which is the space that the goods need in the space inside the plane along with its weight.

Shipping rates from Turkey by air are subject to a specific pricing system by airlines, the mechanism for determining volumetric weight is determined, and quantities are calculated on multiple segments, which vary greatly according to the volumetric weight of the goods.
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Air shipping from Turkey

What are the advantages of air shipping?

  • The great speed in delivery, as air shipping is the undisputed fastest shipping method in the world, through which you can receive your goods from one country to another in only one day or within hours sometimes, this has made air shipping the ideal means for transporting the perishable goods, in addition to relying on it for emergency transportation such as shipping medical equipment and food in disaster situations.
  • High trust and safety, as planes are considered the safest means of transportation around the world, and the airport procedures ensure the safety of sent shipments greatly.
  • The smoothness of shipping process: In general, the procedures followed in air shipping are easier and less complicated than their counterparts in other shipping methods, this may be due to the type of products and goods that are transported by air shipping, especially the precious products, paintings, antiques, and the like, in addition to overcoming the borders of countries and their long and complicated procedures sometimes.
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What are the disadvantages of air shipping?

  • The high cost is considered as one of the most important disadvantages that prevent people from choosing air shipping, as the cost of air shipping is considered the highest in the world of shipping, therefore, it is relied on in small and medium shipments.
  • Air shipping cannot be relied upon to transport heavy materials such as stones, marble, and giant machinery, not to mention the difficulty of transporting liquid and burning materials by air.
  • Air shipping depends on specific type of products and commodities which are often lightweight and safe to transport.

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Services of Tebadul Company in the air shipping from Turkey

To meet the needs of our customers, secure shipments as quickly as possible, and to maintain privacy, we offer you the best air shipping services from Turkey through our logistic partnership services in this field.

We in Tebadul International Trading Company choose the best international airlines for you to ensure that the shipment arrives on time, in addition to the professional packing and packaging processes that air shipping requires to control the shipping cost and get the best possible price from the shipping company, and after preparing the goods, we also take care of transferring them to the specified airport in Turkey along with procedures necessary for the shipping process.

With the best services and most qualified experts in this field, we in Tebadul International Trading Company aspire to be the pioneer in this field among the shipping companies in Turkey by taking care of your shipped goods from A to Z from the moment they exit the producing factory or source; until they become in the airplane heading to you at their best situation.

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