Restaurant furniture and furnishings

Restaurant furniture and furnishings
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Product description

  • Manufactured from the best wood and metal materials required: MDF, PVC: Tebadul company guarantees the quality of restaurant decorations that it supplies to our customers, in terms of the best types of materials used in the furniture industry.
  • Very durable: Tebadul company guarantees the durability of decorations for restaurants, whether wooden or metal, which gives them a long life and long service.
  • Moisture-resistant and suitable for open restaurants, outdoors, and open spaces: We provide what suits the nature of open restaurants with furniture and decor that is resistant to moisture and other different weather factors.
  • The best fabrics and leather materials: Tebadul company, in providing the decorations for restaurants, takes into account the luxury and splendor of the materials that make up the furniture, such as fabrics, leather, and others.
  • Modification according to the models and decorations required: Tebadul decorations take into account the possibility of making modifications to suit the preferred and desired models.
  • Two-year guarantee: Tebadul company offers you a guarantee of its products for two full years.
  • Processing of special orders for restaurants, hotels, and cafés: We are ready to meet the special recommendations that merchants from restaurant chains, hotels, and cafes come to equip their centers with standardized and consistent design types of luxury furniture.
  • Changing wood colors and fabrics as requested by clients: Our products in Tebadul company give traders wide choices, as color changes for furniture and decor are available to meet customers' wishes and suit their needs.

Packing & delivery

  • All products are shipped wrapped with protective nylon tape
  • Tables are shipped separately for tabletop and legs separately.
  • Large sofa sets are shipped separately with the back and seat included
  • Single chairs are fully shipped without disassembly
  • Container capacity varies according to models and the number of tables and chairs

Private Label & Terms

  • The name of the desired restaurant or hotel can be printed on the furniture
  • Cost of printing separate from the price of products


You will be provided with all the required documents at the time of your order

Payment methods

  • Price starts from 15$
  • 50% on installation
  • 50% on shipping from Turkey

Minimum order quantity

  • 100 chairs
  • 75 tables

Possibility of ordering a sample for those wishing to purchase

Sample can not be sent

Estimated delivery time after ordering

According to the product and numbers

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