Canned / Tinned Food

Canned / Tinned Food
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Product description

Canning fruits or vegetables (conserves).

One of the most important means of preserving food is by placing it in airtight containers. This method is characterized by preserving food for a long period of up to 5 years:

  • Canning is done in metal or glass containers as required, raw materials that are fit for human use and authorized by various quality control bodies around the world are being used.
  • Various shapes of cans, and different weights according to the markets and their needs, as the weights vary according to the packed material and according to the use, whether it is home, or intended for restaurants.

Weights start from 100 grams and reach up to 5 kilos.

The main products we offer:

Legumes and grains

The products in this section vary, including:

Boiled beans, boiled chickpeas, ground chickpeas, boiled beans, peas, carrots, mushrooms, mixed vegetables.

These materials are filled with metal or glass containers.

Weights vary from 200 grams to 400 grams.


Tomato sauce, pepper sauce, pizza sauce, muhammara.

These materials are filled with glass containers for small weights, and metal containers for large weights.

Weights vary: from 330 grams for glass containers for home use and 3000 grams for metal containers for restaurants.


Pickled cucumbers of all kinds, pickled peppers of all kinds.

These items are packaged in glass containers.

Weights vary from 330 grams to 900 grams.

Cooked and canned food

Conserves products - from Tebadul Company - contain ready-made and canned food for snacks.

The most important products are stuffed and cooked vine leaves, baked beans, stuffed and cooked peppers, grilled eggplant, and other items.

These products are filled with aluminum cans with a fork for eating.

Weights range from 150g to 2000g for restaurant packaging.

Packing & delivery

  • Packing is done in metal or glass containers, according to the packaged materials, and according to the customer's request.
  • All packages conform to international standards and are suitable for human use and foodstuffs in particular.
  • Box capacity varies from 6 packs per box for large weights to 12 or 24 packs for smaller ones.

Average box weight: 6 kg.

Pallet capacity: according to the sizes and weights of the boxes.

35 boxes, 103 boxes, 130 boxes, and 166 boxes.

  • Container capacity 20 feet mixed: 1700 boxes/approximately, and the increase and decrease varies according to the required materials.
  • Container capacity 40 feet mixed: 4000 boxes/approximately, and the increase and decrease varies according to the required materials.

Private Label & Terms

  • Can be packed under your own brand
  • Minimum quantity: 10 pallets of each product


You will be provided with all the required documents at the time of your order.

Payment methods

  • 50% on installation.
  • 50% on shipping from Turkey.

The price ranges from $2 to $12, depending on the product

Minimum order quantity

1 container 40 feet.

Possibility of ordering a sample for those wishing to purchase

Samples can’t be sent due to fear of damage, samples are delivered exclusively by hand.

Estimated delivery time after ordering

15 days after down payment.

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