Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets
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Product description

1. Basic 2-piece set (sink with cabinet + mirror)

Tebadul company provides bathroom decorations and all the pieces that make up the basic sets.

2. There's a set of 3 pieces and more, where additional cabinets are added

Tebadul company has options available to increase additional parts and cabinets for bathroom decorations according to desire and demand.

3. Made from the finest quality wood and MDF

Tebadul ensures the quality of the decorations for bathrooms that they supply to customers, in terms of the best ores used in the furniture industry.

4. Thermal PVC coating

Tebadul also provides the option of thermal coating for bathroom tanks, in order to preserve the products and protect them from shocks and impacts that they may be exposed to, as well as protection from dust, dirt, and stains.

5. Water and moisture resistant

No need to worry about water and moisture spoiling your bathroom cabinets because our products are water and moisture resistant.

6. The best types of glass for mirrors

The bathroom cabinets offered by Tebadul Company are the best types of glass for the existing mirrors, which eliminates the fear of being exposed to rapid breakage.

7. The accessories used (handles, rails, hinges, and spots) are of the highest quality and rustproof

To prevent the risk of rust in metals, Tebadul company offers the finest types of metals used in the manufacture of handles, rails, and hinges for bathroom cabinets.

8. The most beautiful modern models

The bathroom cabinets provided by Tebadul Company are distinguished by taking into account the most beautiful and best modern models.

9. Different sizes as required

Tebadul Company provides cabinets for home bathrooms in various sizes and designs to suit the requests of our valued merchants.

Packing & delivery

  • Each set comes in its own cardboard
  • All parts, screws, and accessories come in the same box
  • Cork pieces are placed between the pieces to not be broken
  • The final cardboard is wrapped with a nylon strap with strap for fixing
  • Container capacity varies according to the required models and according to the method of shipment, whether it is disassembled or installed
  • Container capacity 20 feet ---
  • Container capacity 40 feet ---

Private Label & Terms

  • Can be manufactured under your own brand.
  • The minimum quantity to manufacture is one container capacity.


You will be provided with all the required documents at the time of your order.

Payment methods

  • 50% on installation.
  • 50% on shipping from Turkey.
  • Price starts from $50 per set up to $475.

Minimum order quantity

1 container.

Possibility of ordering a sample for those wishing to purchase

Sample can not be sent.

Estimated delivery time after ordering

From 15 to 25 days depending on models and quantities.

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