Baby Walkers

Baby Walkers
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Product description

  • When the child begins to grow and move, his mother is eager to see him take his first steps
  • Walking is one of the most important stages of motor development in children.
  • The child feels independent and walking promotes his spirit of discovery.
  • At Tebadul, we provide you with distinctive products for children, to help your child in the stage of learning to walk, develop his movement skills, and promote activity and entertainment at the same time.
  • These products are made from the best ores and plastic materials suitable for children and are safe so that the child does not stumble at home during use.
  • To help the child move around the home, mothers use walks to train the child to walk and become more mobile.

Main features of our products

  • Suitable for children of both sexes with several distinct models
  • More than 10 colors are available
  • Blue, red, green, orange, yellow, light blue, pink, white, violet as requested by traders and importers
  • Painted stainless metal has the strength and strength to withstand children's weight and different movements.
  • Thick and shock-resistant plastic that withstands impact and does not break or hurt the child, no matter how much the child moves or hits the walls.
  • Motion fixer + brake to prevent the walker tipping:

When our children start to move, they don't pay attention to the quality of the floors or the presence of carpets or rugs. Our products are characterized by having brakes that protect the child from overturning when he moves to the carpet, or when he hangs a shoe under the cart. In addition, the immobilizer helps the mother to stabilize the cart if she wants to prevent its movement in order to feed the child

  • Wheels help to stabilize and move on different floors, or even on stone floors in gardens.
  • Three levels of height to suit different heights of children with a lock that protects the child from tipping over from the walker or dropping suddenly.
  • A set of toys with different models built into the treadmill, and music and lights can be added.
  • The company also provides similar products, such as Swings, baby strollers, plastic bikes, scooters, etc.

Packing and Shipping

Packing: 1 piece in a transparent bag

Size: 64*58*24

Weight 3.2 kg +

CBM - = 0.085

  • Container capacity 20 feet 375 pieces +
  • Container capacity 40 feet 775 pieces +

A special brand

  • You can manufacture under your company's brand and print your logo on the carts
  • The minimum quantity is 1 container (can be of several colors)

Documents and certificates

Documents and certificates are sent upon request.


  • 50% on confirmation.
  • 50% when shipping from Turkey.

Price starts from 7$.

Minimum order quantity

Container 20 feet

Possibility of ordering a sample for those wishing to purchase

Samples can be sent according to the countries

Estimated delivery time after ordering

15 days after down payment.

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